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CET Aquadent Reviews

Keeping your pet healthy is important to every pet owner; and yet, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly 2/3 of pet owners neglect their pet's dental health. Then itís no wonder that dental disease is the most common disease affecting both cats and dogs. What's worse is that dental diseases can cause bacteria and infections that affect the heart and kidneys such that they act as a serious threat to your pet's overall health.

There are many ways that you can help combat dental diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease. Though brushing your petís teeth regularly is the surest way to care for your petís teeth and gums, it can also be useful to use supplements and specialized chew treats. Certain chew treats have special textures that work to scrape plaque and tartar off of your pet's teeth and gums while supplements can offer protection through a variety of mechanism.

One supplement that promotes dental health in both cats and dogs is CET Aquadent, a liquid solution that can be added to your petís drinking water. This solution contains chlorhexidine gluconate which works both to combat the formation of plaque and to freshen your pet's breath. This product works great and leaves cats and dogs with cleaner teeth and healthier gums- but why take our word for it? Check out these reviews of CET Aquadent left by real customers who purchased the product here at EntirelyPets!

Sassy Peanut of Eugene, Oregon used this product to care for her cats- and the results are impressiveÖ

"I have used this product for several years to save on dental cleanings for my cats with TERRIFIC results. We went from once a year on each cat to over several years now. On our visits when the Vet checks their mouths, I always remind her we are on AquaDent, and she says "Great." The price is so much cheaper than buying from my Vet's office. I am very, very pleased, and it sure helps my budget!"

Not only did sassypeanut save her catís teeth from plaque and tartar- but she also saved big on the health of her wallet! Her cats may have been able to forego dental cleanings with Aquadent- but what about dogs? Letís ask Ro and see how this formulation affected his pets...

"One of our larger dogs had such bad breath he practically knocked us off our feet. In addition, he had lots of plaque on his teeth. The vet would not do dental work on him because of his health and she suggested this product. It has been magical. His bad breath is completely gone and in addition, most of the plaque that yellowed his teeth has also disappeared, we can hardly believe those bright white teeth belong to our darling ĎLove.í"

Weíre glad Ro and his dog Love had a great experience with Aquadent- but just to confirm that Ro and sassypeanut are not the exception- but the rule, hereís another review from Mstex that reveals how effective this product truly is:

"This product was recommended to me by my son who got it from his vet. Based on his comments it help his dog and two cats with their bad breath. I have an older dog with bad breath resulting from his bad teeth. So far this has been a win/win situation. His beath has improved and hopefully his teeth won't get any worse."

Well, with all these reviews and an average rating of 4 and a half stars- thereís no reason not to use Aquadent to clean your petís teeth. So the best thing to do is buy it from a place that is reliable and affordableÖ for advice on finding the best deals on CET Aquadent, why not ask this terrific Texan, Kari:

"I saved over $5.00 on C.E.T. aquadent and paid no shipping fee to boot! This is the same product as sold by my Veterinarian. It feels good any time you can get what you need, and save money too!"

So there you have it- not only is CET Aquadent is an amazing dental care product and the place to buy it is right here at EntirelyPets! We hope this information has helped you determine whether this product is right for you and we encourage you to leave your thoughts on CET Aquadent in a comment below!