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Choco Nose Water Bottles

The Choco Nose Water Feeder Bottle provides a supply of fresh and clean water to your pet with a patented leak-proof nozzle. Provide your pet with water with this environmentally-minded tool that features a unique nozzle that attaches to nearly any standard PET bottle. This leak-proof nozzle also promises to provide your pet with plenty of water while keeping your home dry.

The Choco Nose Water Feeder Bottle can be attached to the side of your pet's cage or kennel, or it can be screwed or nailed to the wall for a more permanent setup. This product is free of BPA and uses a stainless steel tip that is safe and that is the perfect size for cats, dogs and rabbits. Provide your pet with a stable source of water that is easy to access and entirely leak-proof by ordering a Choco Nose Water Feeder for your pet today!

Key Features:
  • Patented leak-proof nozzle
  • Screw on bracket can be affixed to cages or screwed or nailed to walls
  • Ideal size for cats, dogs, and rabbits