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  4. Choosing The Right Cat Food For Your Cat

Choosing The Right Cat Food For Your Cat

  • Protein - obtained from a meat source such as beef, fish or poultry
  • Taurine - an amino acid used in body growth and tissue repair
  • Fatty Acids - essential for vision, immunity and overall health
  • Minerals & Vitamins - found in food and supplements
  • Clean Water - mostly fulfilled when eating fresh raw food so this has be readily available

  • Check for protein, vitamin A and B. Cats need more protein than dogs.
  • Meat should be the first ingredient to get the most nutrition for cats.
  • Avoid carbohydrates. Since cats are carnivorous they do not need carbohydrates.
  • Rotate brands or formulas since cats can be picky eaters.
  • Always consult your veterinarian for: recommendations, allergies, proper diet

  • Dry cat food is convenient and can be left out any time. However, poor quality dry cat food can contain harmful or non-healthy ingredients. Some dry cat foods contain more starch and carbohydrates. This is not natural for cats since they are carnivores. Some studies suggest that dry cat food is one of the leading causes in cat diabetes.

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    Canned wet cat food is high in protein and low in carbohydrates which is similar to a natural carnivore diet. However, they can contain animal byproducts which have been known to contain carcasses of diseased livestock, zoo animals, even dogs and cats euthanized by shelters or clinics. This is frightening, but true. Also, wet cat food sometimes contains gravy which are carbohydrates.

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    Since a protein heavy diet is important for cats there are several brands to choose from. They are usually considered premium quality cat food and come at a higher price. It may cost you more now, but think about the vet bill you could get later. Invest in your cat's healthy and their nutritional needs. Here are some recommended grain-free and low carb cat food brands:

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    Organic cat food is a great option if you want to prevent your cat from eating food filled with chemicals and pesticides. Most pet owners believe this will enable their cat to live a long, happier and healthier life. Organic cat food has high quality standards that are free from things like antibiotics and hormones. Also, they do not contain animal byproducts, but are fortified with more nutrients like antioxidants. Here are some recommended treats with organic ingredients for cats:

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    Certain cat foods can help with certain clinical symptoms or alleviate allergy break outs which make life easier for your pet. On the other hand, low quality cat food can also be the cause of your cat's symptoms. Here are some recommended cat foods that support special diets and allergic cats:

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    Newborn kittens have special needs especially within six weeks of age. The colostrum milk from their mother is the key ingredient to giving them the extra nutrition and immunity to live. If there is no mother cat around and you have an orphan kitten you will need a special formula designed for newborns. Here are some recommended foods for kittens:

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