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Every Dog Has His Day

How a Community Saved a Man and His Dog

Life has been quite rough to Steve Anthony and his dog. Anthony was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer and he has been living in a cave with his nine-month old puppy, River. The pair had been getting by on Anthonyís meager earnings from working in a Christmas tree lot in Roseville, California, when tragedy struck. While Anthony was at work, River was hit by a car and left for dead.

Though the car that hit River sped away, what could have been a tale of unanswerable tragedy became, instead, another example of charity this holiday season. When Anthony discovered the scene of his injured pup, he immediately came to her aid. It was then that Anthony and Riverís luck began to change. Jennifer Martin, who had witnessed the collision and noticed Anthonyís reaction, pulled over.

Martin offered Anthony and River a ride to the Pet Hospital and even attempted to pay for the treatment. She gave $75 to the hospital but found that she was far from paying the thousands of dollars that the surgery would cost. So Martin posted about the pet on Facebook and pleaded for help from her friends.

Itís A Wonderful Life

When Martinís friends read about River and Anthony, they were quick to share her post and offer their help. Within hours the post went viral as help poured in from the community. In true Christmas tradition, the community pulled through to donate money for the struggling dog and many sent support in the form of cards and gifts.

Anthony was touched by the support and noted the diverse donors that offered a helping hand when speaking to the local news team. ďThree kids came in with their mom and gave their allowance,Ē Anthony recalled. As if right out of a Christmas movie, the funds for Riverís surgery were raised in a matter of hours with more money on the way.

Fortunately, the community outreach managed to grab the attention of the non-profit Chester Foundation; together, they have raised more than $9,000 for River and Anthony. The efforts have done more than pay for Riverís surgery, as the funds are enough to pay for a much needed shelter for the pair once River is well enough to leave the hospital.

Bells Ring in Roseville

Riverís surgery was a smashing success. After a two-hour surgery, the pet hospital announced that River will need between six and eight weeks of rehabilitation- but that she should recover. Anthony, on the other hand, is already thriving- heís received several job offers and is able to support himself and River with the assistance of everyone who lent a hand.

ďIf they hadnít saved him, Iíd be gone too,Ē Anthony stated. And so we here at Entirely Pets thank not only the people of Roseville, Chester Foudnation, and Jennifer Martin- but we also thank Anthony and River, for reminding us that sometimes the best of presents can come in unexpected packages.

Every Dog Has His Day