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6 Christmas Movies To Watch with Your Pet This Holiday

If you remember the tales of a mischevious St. Bernard named after a Classical period composer then wait until you get a load of this holiday sequel! Beethoven is back in his most festive adventure to date when one of Santa’s elves nearly ruins Christmas, leaving Beethoven to clean up the mess.

Beethoven discovers the stranded elf as he realizes that Santa’s magic bag has been stolen by criminals that plan to use its magic power to attain exorbitant wealth. Beethoven must defeat the forces evil and restore the natural order of the North Pole before Christmas!

This movie recounts the inspiring tale of a young man with a big heart. Todd McCray has spent his life overcoming the adversity of a learning disability while working on his parent’s farm when a sudden campaign by his local animal shelter has him desperately seeking a pet dog. Todd’s dad is reluctant at first, but Todd has a way with animals and his passion inspires his family.

Together, Todd and his family go on a journey to work with the shelter to save as many dogs as possible. While Todd’s father agrees to let Todd participate to teach him a lesson in responsibility, it’s Todd’s father that learns the most in this heartwarming holiday tale.

The Peanuts have long celebrated Christmas with the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas. This year, join the gang in a more recent adventure starring Rerun van Pelt, the younger brother of Lucy and Linus. Rerun has grown up admiring the relationship between Snoopy and Charlie Brown and has become adamant in his resolve to receive a dog for Christmas.

In this adventure, follow Rerun’s holiday journey to find a dog of his own when he meets with Snoopy and Snoopy’s brother, Spike. Will Rerun find his own dog this Christmas or will he be left with nothing but coal this year? Find out in this recent Peanuts adventure.

When Santa’s old friend, a toyshop owner by the name of Mr. Hucklebuckle, passes away, Santa receives a special stuffed toy to inform him of the bad news, which magically becomes a real puppy. Santa decides to visit the toy shop with his new friend only to be struck by a taxi and a bout of amnesia while the puppy, Paws, is separated from Santa.

Santa is then hired by Mr. Hucklebuckle’s son and his wife to be the in-store Santa at their store. Santa unwittingly becomes the perfect in-store Santa Claus needed to keep the business in the family. But will Santa regain his memory, find Paws and save Christmas for the rest of the world? Find out in this thrilling Disney movie.

Join Santa Paws in yet another adventure as he and Santa must team up to restore the Christmas Spirit that is used as the magical power source of the North Pole. When Santa Paws’ son wishes that Christmas didn’t exist so that he could enjoy the privileges of a normal dog, the rest of the Christmas Spirit is drained, leaving Santa Paws with the job of finding his puppies and restoring the order of Christmas.

While Santa Paws searches, his puppies try to act normal when they are confronted by the dog catcher who further complicates the situation. With Christmas Spirit dwindling and not much time left before the big night, Santa Paws must find his puppies before they are captured by the dog catcher and teach Puppy Paws the meaning of Christmas to save the holiday.

When an obedient dog learns that Christmas has been cancelled, she takes it upon herself to fulfill her imagined destiny. Due to her odd tendencies, she begins to believe that she is actually a reindeer, after mishearing the lyrics to the famous Christmas Carol “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. This leads her on an exciting journey with a new friend, a penguin from the local zoo.

Together the pair enjoy a musical journey and discover that Christmas was canceled due to the clever scheming of a particular mailman. Will Olive be able to fly Santa’s sled and thwart the efforts of the mailman who hates Christmas? Find out in this delightful Christmas story.