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The Late Colonel Meow

Who is Colonel Meow?

At first glance, Colonel Meow seems to be your typical angry cat. However, his long fur and constant scowl have earned him the distinction of internet fame. The Colonel exploded on the web after being featured on the popular website, The Daily What.

Colonel's owner created social media profiles to share her cat with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, Colonel Meow passed away earlier this year- though he continues to live on in our hearts and memories. Before his untimely demise in January, Colonel Meow had appeared across the web on popular social sharing websites and he even appeared on television.

Claim to Fame:

In addition to his signature scowl, Colonel Meow is known for having the Guinness World Record for longest fur. He's also known for being unnecessarily mean to his canine companion, Boots.

How Famous is He?

Colonel Meow has been featured around the web on sites like Buzzfeed and Reddit. But his biggest claims to fame might be on the television screen. He and his owner were interviewed by Anderson Cooper on his show, Anderson Live.