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Comfort Zone with Feliway and DAP by FARNAM

Comfort Zone

is a clinically proven pheromone product that help reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors related to stress. They are both synthetic copies of the natural pheromones produced by cats and dogs that provide comfort and security when faced with new environments or stressful situations.

Comfort Zone D.A.P. contains DAP, a dog appeasing pheromone which mimics the pheromones produces by lactating dogs, and has a relaxing effect on canines. Comfort Zone Feliway utilizes a natural feline pheromone that relaxes and comforts your cat, and helps prevent them from engaging in negative behaviors such as urinary marking and furniture scratching.

Both of these can be easily applied using the electric diffuser or vial which will last up to four weeks and act to reduce stress and anxiety that can lead to negative behaviors. Help keep your dogs and cats in a harmonious state of mind and environment with Comfort Zone for Dogs & Cats!