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ConairPRO Soft Slicker Cat Brush

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ConairPRO Soft Slicker Cat Brush. Because your feline friend would probably like to skip the groomer, this cat brush allows her favorite person to do the primping. With gentle pins that safely and effectively move through the coat, it removes tangles without harming her sensitive skin in fact, the reinforced tips are safe for use on delicate areas like the face and paws. And for ease of use, it features a memory gel grip handle that is totally comfortable and non-slip.

Key Features:

  • At-home grooming tool to get your cat's coat in beautiful, fresh from the groomer condition.
  • Penetrates coat with gentle pins capped with reinforced tips to remove tangles and snarls.
  • Non-slip handle provides control and reduces hand fatigue while grooming your pet.
  • Memory gel foam handle is designed to be ultra-comfortable and ergonomic.
  • Delicate enough for use on sensitive areas like the face and paws. Recommended as a part of your regular grooming routine.

Useful Information

  • Thorough brushing before a bath removes loose hair and significantly improves the effectiveness of the shampoo in cleaning down to the skin. Plus, it makes bathing much less of a 'hairy' job.
  • Different coats sometimes require different brushes. Prior to brushing, you may want to consider spraying on a detangling grooming mist, which will condition the hair and make brushing easier.
  • Be systematic about brushing. Start at the head and work toward the tail. Use firm, but gentle strokes with an emphasis on gentle. Pulling or ripping through tangles and mats hurts your pet and quickly erodes trust. Brushing can and should be a pleasurable experience, so take your time.
  • For pets with thick coats, first brush in the opposite direction of natural hair growth starting at the skin and brushing outward. When the entire coat is brushed this way, start over and brush with the grain. For all other coats, brush in the direction of natural hair growth. Use long strokes for longhaired pets, and short strokes for pets with short or wiry hair.
  • After brushing, you can use a comb to remove more of the loose hair. A hand-held vacuum also does a good job if your pet will tolerate the noise.

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