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Connor (11/23/09)

Name: Connor
Breed: Goldendoodle
Submitted by: Deborah Moore
Location: Richmond, VA

Connor is a golden retriever/standard poodle mix - a goldendoodle. Although we live in Richmond, VA, we first met Connor in Philadelphia, PA when, at 13 weeks old, he and 5 siblings were rescued from a puppy mill. It seemed they were past the 8 week old limit of selling them to pet stores. After a 5- hour drive to meet him, we arrived to find Connor sick with bordatella. Even with constant coughing and being terribly underweight, he was a happy puppy. His tail never stopped wagging. I sat down on the floor, put him in my lap and he looked up at me...still wagging his tail. Connor had stolen my heart. I filled out the adoption application, wrote a check for the adoption fee and was planning to call to make arrangements to pick him up the following weekend.

At home, our senior newfoundland Duncan, was having many age-related health problems. My vet said with such a compromised immune system, she did not think we should bring a sick puppy into the house. In tears, I called Jodi, the rescue lady handling Connor's adoption, and explained the situation to her. Realizing he had to get out of the shelter into a less stressful, home environment, I knew asking her to find another family to adopt him was the best thing for him and for my newfie. Tears still flowed.

Two days later, Jodi called me back and said she had found a foster home for Connor in NJ. They would keep him until he was well and could come home with us. I couldn't believe my ears. So 2 1/2 weeks later, we drove to Maryland (meeting the foster parents half-way) to pick up our puppy.

Connor turned 2 yrs old in September 2009 and is the sweetest and funniest dog you could ever imagine. When he gets excited, he bounces -- BACKWARDS! When he is happy to see a friend, he gives a big toothy grin and his whole body wags! He loves little children, other dogs, our cats and adults, too. Just this month, November, he received his therapy dog certification. Connor will be working with children in our county's Read to Rover program. And his tail is still wagging.

It's amazing the solid gold treasures you can find in a shelter's stainless steel cage.