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Contone Bladder Support

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Contone™ is recommended to support normal bladder function and promote optimal bladder health in dogs. This unique blend of active ingredients was specially formulated to address all functions of a healthy waste elimination; kidney, prostate, urinary tract, and bladder.

Included is Rehmannia glutinosa, a Chinese herb that supports renal function. Pumpkin Seed Powder, with its high level of zinc and ability to cushion tissues, supports normal prostate and bladder health and full urinary tract health. It also plays a role in maintaining strength in bladder muscle and supporting bladder emptying. Wild Yam Extract, Vitamin B6, and Saw Palmetto Extract are included to help normalize bladder muscle function and output. Contone is also recommended for spayed senior dogs to help maintain bladder control. Soy Protein Extract contains isoflavones that provide phytoestrogens to help maintain normal bladder muscle tone that is lost after spaying or due to normal aging because of lower estrogen levels. Olive Leaf Extract helps maintain healthy microflora in the G.I. tract, which in turn provides friendly bacteria to the urinary tract. Corn Silk Powder contains polysaccharides and mucilage that can help support urinary tract comfort by cushioning tissues. All these powerful active ingredients combined in a chewable smoke flavored tablet for your dog to support optimal urinary tract health and function. Contone can be used with prescription drugs.

For Use In: Dogs

    Key Features:
  • Supports normal bladder function
  • Address all functions of healthy waste elimination; kidney, prostate, urinary tract and bladder.
  • 7 Active Ingredients

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
18 Reviews
67% (12)
17% (3)
6% (1)
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11% (2)
89% Recommend this product (16 of 18 responses)
By I D.
St. Cloud, FL
Contone Bladder Support for Dogs
April 22, 2018
We have try just about every Urine incontinent Supplement there is, even prescription from the Vet which caused aggression in 2 of our Dogs. I am so Thankful that we found this supplement. I actually panicked when it went on back order & had to use something else. I ordered extra just in case. The Dogs like the flavor so no need to hide it in something to get them to eat it : )
By equiplus
South Carolina
Very Helpful
September 16, 2017
My 15+ year old Lab is doing very well with this product. Prior to using, he had a couple of instances of leaking in the house and needing to really go more often than he had previously. This has improved to basically no more leaking and this gives him time to let us know he wants to go out.
By I D.
St. Cloud, FL
Contone Bladder Support a Formula for Dogs
September 9, 2017
This is the best Bladder Support that I have found for my 2 Large Dogs that are Urine Incontinent. One is 14 & 1 is 7 years young. We have had fewer accidents. This product was used for a smaller Dog with proper dosage & caused Her to have a reaction. She seemed Lethargic & sat staring at the wall. We did find out later that She had a Kidney Infection.
By revrich
Hayward, wi
seems to do the job so far.
August 26, 2015
We have a spade German short hair with seasonal leakage. This seamed to work but we started at the end of her season. the Puro was to exp. Time will tell.
By StellaBear
Rhode Island
Best Product for a dog with Bladder issues
November 7, 2013
My adorable dog is on pulse therapy for a continuous bladder infection and I stopped using the contone. She became worse within days! With the Contone, she has had wonderful lab results and her urine is almost free of all white cells. This is a great product to correct improper ph and to supplement any other therapy for a leaky or not so healthy bladder.
By missd
Review for 3-PACK Contone Bladder Support (270 Tablets)
September 20, 2013
My Pit Bull is 10 & has struggled with spay incontinence for years. After using Premarin for several years (which did stop all leaking) I felt it time to take her off - after all this is a human hormone replacement > I won't even take it & I'm human! The next vet recommended option was Proin, which frankly I've read even more horror stories about. I did a lot of research on natural/herbal supplements & was so pleased to find them all here in one product - Contone. It works well, though she sometimes suffers a bit of leakage so rather than increase the dose, I've added another product here called Senior Bladder Support. It has most of the same ingredients with a few different. I plan to give her one of each (1 morn & 1 evening) & see how this works. Also, must say when I was so concerned about my dog & this issue, I called the cus. service number & received wonderful, informative, compassionate help.
By Debi
Hemet, CA
Works well
August 19, 2013
Been using this product for a couple of weeks and it seems to be working for my ten year old female dog, but she hates the taste so I have to crush it up and mix it with wet dog food...a real pain todo this, but if it keeps her dry, it'll be worth it. Sure wish they'd improve on the flavor though
By StellaBear
Rhode Island
Seems to take bladder problem away
June 11, 2013
This stuff seems to relieve my 35 lbs Feist's bladder problems. She's on an antibiotic pulse therapy so I stopped using this and she got worse! I won't stop using it again. Make the PH just right!
By Desi
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Good Alternative
January 10, 2013
I have been using this product for my 4 year old, spayed female. It has all but eliminated the leaks when she is sleeping. Even though it has not been 100% effective, it is so much better than giving her drugs!
By Nala's m.
Good substitute for Proin
October 30, 2012
This had worked great for my diabetic dog. The Proin caused her to lose her appetite and throw her regulation process out of whack. Started Contone - worked great! And she was back to eating!
By Lexx
Southwest Florida
A Low Cost Solution to a Big Problem
October 23, 2012
This product aids in controlling my Cocker Spaniel's sporatic bladder problems. After a checkup with my vet to rule out a uti, she recommended a prescription drug to help control bladder functions. This meant my 3 year old dog would have to be on the drug for the remainder of her life, and the drug could cause personality changes such as aggression. Looking for another solution, my online research lead me to this product. I figured that at the very least the product could help with any future uti problems. She's been taking the pills now for about two months and her bladder problem has gone away. She does not like to take anything by hand so I give her one pill per day and mix it in her food. I use a pill splitter to break up the pill so she never knows it is there. Will pruchase the product again. A low cost solution to a big problem.
By Bob
Contone for Dog Bladder control
October 22, 2012
I purchased a three pack of Contone. I have been using Proin25 and thought I would try something that was suppose to be equal to Proin 25. My dog has great bladder control with Proin 25, but it has not done very well with Contone. Have tried to recoup some money on ebay. Got no bids. Do not recommend.
By meows
Didn't help
May 29, 2012
did not help with my girls leakage issue
Review for 3-PACK Contone Bladder Support (270 Tablets)
May 5, 2012
These help my 13 year old lab who does not hold her urine very long anymore. These help her to fully empty her bladder when she goes outside.
By Nala's M.
So Happy!
May 2, 2012
So happy that this product worked and I was able to stop the Proin!!!
By Taz
Dolan Springs, Az.
very good product
March 3, 2012
Works really well no more little accidents on the rugs. I highly recommend this product.
By Mama L.
Spring City, UT
Excellent product
February 28, 2012
I first bought this product marketed under another brand name and it cost twice as much. I had an elderly toy poodle and dachshund- both 11 year old neutered males. Both were starting to have some bladder problems, so I decided to try this. I/2 pill each, once a day has worked wonders with them. When it was time to reorder I looked at other similar products and I could see by reading the label that Contone was the exact same formula. The pills look and smell just the same. My boys will get the rest of their days.
By taz
Dolan Springs AZ
good product
January 7, 2012
Wasn't sure this would work but it does. Dog has to take it everyday for about a month and it kicks in. I will continue to buy this product.

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