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Cross (9/14/09)

Name: Cross
Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Submitted by: Alison D.
Location: Seattle, WA

Cross is a purebred English Springer Spaniel who was one of 41 dogs rescued from a free range puppy mill in Missouri that were brought to Washington State in March 2009 (there were 200 dogs rescued in all). The dogs were found to be living off of rocks, dirt, and a horse that had been dead for two weeks (YUCK!). They were dirty and infested with ticks and fleas. Before being transported to WA, Cross was neutered, wherein they discovered he had an inguinal hernia- his intestines were in his scrotum. Crossí hernia was corrected before leaving Missouri, but while on the transport, his surgery area became infected and made it very difficult for him to walk. He was also emaciated and found to have cheat grass lodged in his eardrums causing painful earaches and plenty of yucky discharge. Within a week of his arrival in Seattle, his scrotum was removed, his ears cleaned, and he began to eat real healthy food!

Cross currently resides in Seattle and is almost 5 years old. He is now able to run and jump, and he is learning how to play. Cross had never played with toys, eaten treats or bully sticks, or enjoyed the comforts of a dog bed. Cross has found that he LOVES his bully sticks so much he takes them to his special place in the yard and eats them slowly, savoring every bite. He loves riding in the car, going to the dog park, getting belly rubs, laying in the grass and eating cherries, cuddling with and kissing his Momma, camping, hanging out in his man cave, swimming, and rolling in cedar chips. He has two new dog sisters who he has become quite attached to. Cross is the sweetest, most beautiful and gentle dog, though will shy away from the other dogs when they begin to play with toys and isnít too fond of smaller children.

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