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Adaptil DAP Collar Reviews

Adaptil DAP Collars use synthetic dog appeasing pheromones to calm your pet during stressful situations. Adaptil products use these pheromones to keep your pet calm during travel, while training, when meeting new people, or upon being exposed to new surroundings. This collar uniquely uses the DAP in a form which can be easily transported and allows your dog to explore open areas freely. This can be a big advantage compared to diffusers and sprays which intend to calm dogs in a particular area.

Despite a myriad of clinical studies that prove that Adaptil is effective in calming dogs, customers may still feel wary about trying an Adaptil DAP collar for the first time. For those of you still on the fence about DAP collars, we’ve compiled a list of reviews that show how Adaptil has noticeably changed their dog’s behavior.

Resqchick from Vacaville gives us an account of how a DAP Collar has completely changed the behavior of a Chihuahua that has been suffering from bouts of anxiety for years.

"My dog has been suffering from anxiety for years. We have tried everything including numerous drugs which I hate using and only knock my dog out. She has a tremendous fear of noises fireworks, thunder and even birds outside. She has severe anxiety attacks and has not had a single one since she has been wearing the DAP collar. I realize not everything works the same on every dog but this is definately worth trying. For a complete review and video go to my FaceBook page at WagZone Pet Care."

Though Resqchick saw great results in the face of serious anxiety, one case is hardly enough to prove the collar’s worth. Though it can change the behavior of a single dog, Alby puts the collar to a true test in her home with multiple pets.

"The D.A.P. collars have been effective in keeping several of my American Cocker Spaniels calmer. Of the 5 I have, 3 wear the collars always. I believe it makes them feel calmer and it seems to make them respond more quickly when I ask something of them. They are only effective for about 3 weeks for me and I can tell when the period is ending because a couple of the dogs get edgier. I'm so glad I found these. I also use an Adaptil diffuser in my living room where all but one of the dogs spend most of their time."

Though Alby’s experience shows that DAP Collars can change the lives of owners with small dogs, owners with larger dogs are likely wondering if the collars pheromones are potent enough to calm their prodigious pooches. GoldenLuvr from Fairfield, Connecticut, assures us that even for dogs as large as Labradors and Retrievers can be soothed by the collar.

"My vet recommended the Adaptil products when my Lab had some real issues with a Golden puppy that we adopted. Since I have 3 dogs, it was recommended each have a collar. I can honestly say, the Lab, while still somewhat jealous, is much calmer, the Golden puppy much less upset when crated, and my older Golden with the chronic anxiety has definately become calmer. Used in combination with the spray, it has made life much easier and less stressful in our house."

GoldenLuvr’s account shows not only that these collars are effective even for multiple pet households with large dogs- but also that Adaptil products work best when used together. For more Adaptil products, try using DAP sprays, DAP wipes, or DAP diffusers. But no matter which DAP product you decide is best for you, Emma’s mom knows the best place to buy-

"Emma sees a canine behavior specialist, who recommended this product. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE and the product really works!!!"

"It’s no wonder that DAP Collars are recommended by more than 80% of reviewers. So what are you waiting for? Order DAP collars or other DAP products to keep your dog calm today!