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  5. Delilah & Amber 12/29/14

Delilah & Amber 12/29/14

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week winner
Name: Delilah & Amber
Breed: Cats
Submitted by: Deborah Moore
Location: Troutman, NC

My boyfriend & I were at his parents house outside on a rainy fall day. We heard loud meows and it was a stray cat wanting shelter from the rain. We fed the cat and decided that we would take her home with us. We named her Amber but she prefers to answer to kitty. We didn't expect her to become a part of the family but she did. We've had her over a year now and she is the sweetest cat. She always meows to being called kitty and is more playful than our 9 month old kitten. She is always loving and up for cuddles.

I took a trip with my best friend to her dads. And their cat just had kittens. And I couldn't resist. Delilah was the littlest one. My friend already had someone lined up to take her and I had to make her cancel because I had to have her. She is now nine months old. She loves to hide toys around the house. She is a joy to have around.

At first Amber and her did not get along. But delilah follows kitty around everywhere. And they always play together. I'm so thankful for both of them. They are the best pets anyone could ask for. 

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