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Dental Supplements

Encourage a wide smile and great-smelling (albeit slobbery) kisses from your furry friends with these dental supplements for pets from EntirelyPets. We have a wide variety of pet-friendly dental health and oral hygiene supplements for pets that suffer from the most common periodontal issues - from smelly breath to gum disease. Each product is designed for easy administration with tasty flavored capsules, powders, sprinkles and chew tabs that your pets will gobble up with their dinner or treats. Rest assured that these trusted products are safe and gentle on pets, with many mineral- and vitamin-laden formulas free of wheat, corn and chemicals.

Many of these pet teeth supplements are fortified with 1-tetradecanol complex (1-TDC), a clinically proven dental health booster that supports gum tissue and acts as an anti-inflammatory. 1-TDC supplements may also encourage better hip and joint health, so they're great for pet-owners looking for a safe way to improve oral hygiene while easing the effects of arthritis and other joint or hip issues ailing active and elderly pets. Some feature all-natural breath fresheners and plaque-fighters like kelp seaweed, parsley leaf and chamomile, for a natural way to reduce your pet's bad breath and encourage overall health.

We also have simple solutions like tasty pet breath drops and breath-freshening pet chews that you can use as treats to encourage better oral health. These delicious treats clean teeth, reduce plaque and fight tartar so your four-legged friend is sure to get a glowing report from the vet on his next visit. EntirelyPets only offers pet products made by trusted name brands to ensure quality control, including Vetri-Science, Tartar Shield, Sweetwater Nutrition, EvoraPet and more. We're committed to offering safe yet effective pet dental products to our pet-loving customers, including many American-made products.