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Dental Cleansing Gels & Foams

There's nothing like a kiss from your dog or cat, but sometimes these slobbery smooches are compromised by bad breath and poor oral hygiene. EntirelyPets offers a great selection of dental cleansing gels and foams for pets designed to keep your four-legged friend's breath fresh and his or her teeth clean. We offer pet-friendly dental gels and foams with safe yet effective ingredients in great-tasting flavors like beef and salmon that turn teeth cleansing into treat time. Daily oral cleansing can help ensure that you never turn away a kiss from your furry companion, no matter how much he drools!

You can use dental foam for dogs to combat common animal dental problems, especially canine periodontal disease. These easy-to-use foams target odor- and plaque-causing mouth bacteria and encourage healthy gums and teeth. Dental foam is a great solution for dogs who are finicky about brushing teeth or chewing on dental bones, because they taste great and dogs have no trouble accepting them like a treat. Many of these products are made with chlorhexidine gluconate to slow plaque formation and calcification as well as all-natural extracts such as grapeseed oil to gently mitigate oral and gum diseases.

The best part about cleaning your pet's teeth with these pet-safe dental products is that you don't have to worry about wriggling with your pet to brush his teeth the traditional way. A pea-sized drop of nutrient-rich gel gives your pet the potent dose of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients required for healthy and high-performing gums and teeth. EntirelyPets offers the best dog and cat dental care products on the market, made by manufacturers you can trust. Additionally, we offer a low price guarantee and are more than happy to price-match these products if you see them listed for a lower price elsewhere.