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Dental Wipes

A smiling pet is a happy pet, and one that's ready to give lots of kisses! EntirelyPets has all the pet dental care products you need to encourage slobbery smooches, including a wide variety of easy-to-use pet dental wipes that are coated with pet-safe antimicrobial and antiseptic ingredients that refresh and revitalize pets' mouths. Oral pet wipes are an excellent solution for dogs and cats who have difficulty with traditional tooth-brushing, and many are subtly textured to gently lift away surface plaque and tartar so they can work as an occasional alternative to brushing. EntirelyPets offers veterinarian-recommended dental wipes made by trusted brands.

We recommend using Ora-Clens Dental Care Products for dogs and cats with bad breath and periodontal disease. These effective and safe dental wipes feature antimicrobial additives to reduce plaque, dental calculus and tartar build-up that accumulates on pets' teeth over time. They also have active ingredients that reduce the accumulation of bacteria that causes bad breath. Choose products such as Kissable Dental Wipes for a gentle solution jam-packed with natural ingredients like grapeseed extract, rosemary, lavender and parsley, which help to promote good oral hygiene in dogs and cats the natural way. All of these products are a great way to extend the time between dental cleanings.

Many of these dental wipes are formulated with chlorhexidine gluconate, a pet-safe antiseptic that encourages squeaky-clean oral hygiene. Some also have additives that can whiten and brighten your pet's teeth for a beautiful smile. All of these dog and cat dental wipes are designed for super-simple administration with pre-moistened pads and wipes that pets love, especially when you provide praise after a cleaning! EntirelyPets is committed to helping our customers find the right pet dental products for every pet personality and condition, so make sure to browse our complete selection for more fantastic solutions.