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Dextrose 50% Sterile Preservative Free Solution Injection, 500mL

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Dextrose 50% Injection. This sterile, preservative-free solution is for use as an aid in the treatment of uncomplicated ketosis in cattle. Each 100 mL contains 50 grams of dextrose monohydrate and water for injection q.s. May contain hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment (hypertonic pH per liter is 3.56.5). Caloric value per liter is 1700. Administer IV only.

Useful Information

Cattle: 100 to 500 mL depending on size and condition of animal. For intravenous use only. Solution should be warmed to body temperature and administered slowly. This product is sterile in unopened container. Contains no preservative. If entire contents are not used, discard unused portion. Handle under strict aseptic conditions.

STORAGE: Store at controlled room temperature between 59 and 86F (15 - 30C).

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