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The 10 Best Ways to Control Dog Shedding

Dogs are beautiful blessings on Earth.

If you have a dog in your house, you will never feel lonely. They are kind, understanding, loyal, and one of the best companions anyone can ever have! All they want is a little bit of attention, care, and love.

As a great man once said; “Each and everything has a price to pay.” Such sweet, lovable, hyper-obedient, playful, and social animals can sometimes become a headache. One of the biggest nuisances a dog owner faces is shedding. We love our doggies, but we don’t like all that fur shedding on the carpet, furniture, or even on our valuable clothes.

Every pet, regardless of their age or breed, especially dogs and cats, shed their fur. They lose old and damaged hair naturally. Shedding is a standard procedure, but the amount and frequency might differ. If their shedding is more than the usual amount, the pet’s health can be the root cause.

The amount and frequency rate also depends on the various types of breeds. For example, German shepherds have the shedding tendency throughout the year because they have more hair or thicker overcoats, where some breeds like Xoloitzcuintli dog or Poodles shed occasionally. Apart from that, it also depends on the season.

While we are unable to stop a pet from this natural process, we can still try and help reduce the amount of shedding hair. Let me suggest you some of the best dog shedding remedies to keep your house clean and your dog healthy.

Home remedies to stop dog shedding

If you love furry canines but are afraid of the shedding mess all around the house, furniture, and clothes, it’s time to be relaxed. There are many natural remedies you can try to get rid of pet hairs. These tips given below will help you to improve your dog’s coat and control shedding. Keep calm and read further.

1. Brushing

Using the right brush, which is not too soft and not too hard, and brushing him on a regular basis is a fantastic idea we all should follow. You just have to give 10 minutes a day. Just try it for a week, and I am sure you will see a magical difference in the shedding amount and frequency. Brushing can also help you to maintain your dog’s outer coat.

This quick process makes it softer, cleaner, and less likely to shed. Many vet doctors and professionals suggest that regular brushing gives some great outcomes, especially to the worst shedding dog breeds like Husky, Corgi, Chow Chow, American Eskimo, etc. So don’t be a lazy lad, and keep on brushing your pet.

2. Nutrition

You must be knowing the importance of food in our lives. Whether humans, animals, or birds, and even the plants or trees need appropriate nutrition for better living.

Feeding a proper dog food helps a lot when you are trying to control the dog shedding. A pet’s coat is a reflection of his eating. Feed him high quality and fresh food with the excellent sources of fatty acid and protein. Include flaxseed oil in his diet. Olive oil is also an excellent choice when we talk about dog nutrition. Use it and notice the difference. You can use supplements if you think that the dog food is not providing him the proper diet.

There is no harm in them if they have been given after taking the expert’s advice. We can also feed him our snacks (i.e.) some human snacks occasionally.

3. Don’t Allow Fleas to Come In

Fleas are irritating and just not at all suitable for the dogs. As the health of the pet is directly connected to the shedding, we have to take more care of our dog’s body and inner organs.

Fleas can spread infections or allergies. Allergies make the dog restless and hyper. Sometimes, they behave cranky and annoying just because they are not well or something is bothering them inside, which is not explainable. So, control fleas and other insects from ruining the favorite canine’s health and our moods. Use nets or sheets which do not let the fleas come in.

Also, notice the risky period when the maximum amount of insects can reach to us, and keep your doors and windows closed during that period.

4. Vacuum

Vacuuming the house has many advantages. The activity of cleaning must be set in your routine.

You may have the confusion that how the vacuuming will help us to control dog shedding! Indeed, it does not help them directly, but indirectly it is related.

It cleans all the dust from the floors, walls, and from the carpet areas. That reduces the chances of dust allergies and flea attacks on the dog’s fur and removes pet hairs from the hard to reach places.

Also, regular vacuuming also lessens the burden of our last minute house parties. Whenever the loved ones come in, our home will give clean, fresh, and positive vibes.

5. DON’T Keep the Doctors Away!

We may think that our pets are healthy because they look healthy. But unfortunately, that is not 100% true.

Many small diseases can affect adversely to the overall health, the skin, and the coat, which we may not understand just by seeing. Such things are critical, need proper attention and care. So, have regular check-ups of your cutie-pie. These regular meetings will help you to identify the problems early and so the veterinarian can provide the adequate treatments.

As we have discussed; poor health of the pet is directly related to the dog shedding. Why take a chance right? So, don’t keep the doctors away in this case!

6. Give Pets a Bathing Treat

It is a fact that a clean dog is more likely to have a healthier and shinier coat. Bathing and grooming are essential activities for any pets. During summer, we must bathe our dog often, let’s say – once a week!!!

During winters, it is difficult to convince the dog for such activities. But, as parents, you have to make your little ones ready for their better sake. You can use some gentle shampoos which can clean the entire body and the fur without over-drying the skin.

I am sure that after this fantastic bathing treat, your pooch will look clean, bright, fresh, and shine like a star with no excessive shedding of damaged hair.

7. Grooming & Vrooming

Grooming is not at all problematic. We just have to read some instruction on the internet or the top of the dog shedding products, and that’s all! When we give the pooch a soothing bath, our half of the work has been done.

Then, take out his favorite brush and a trimmer (which do not make much noise) and go on! Pamper him as no one pampers him and after grooming, do not forget to give him a treat. Grooming will make him tidy and neat! Also, all the dead and damaged hair will also be cleaned during the grooming process.

So, say goodbye to the unwanted and messy shedding! You can also use olive oil and coconut oil for the massage purpose if your dog has dry skin or itching problems.

8. Deshedding Tools for Heavy Shedders

If you have a breed which is supposed to shed more and more hairs, or if the dog is having a massive amount of fur, then there is an easily accessible option of deshedding tools. You can use such devices for the whole shedding purposes.

It is said that during the fall, the dog’s winter coat starts growing and before the spring it begins to shed. So, it is preferable to use deshedding tools before that critical time. If you have a question of how to stop dog shedding short hair; then you should go for the rubber curry comb to de-shed. After this activity, don’t forget to clean the excessive hair from his body with the help or bathe or just a simple towel.

9. Clean Water is the Key

Just like us, they also need fresh and clean water to drink. Pure drinking water is not just for making them hydrated but also helps them to keep their skin healthy by stopping it from dying out completely.

Water is the most important thing for every living thing on the earth. It should always be available in the dog’s water bowl. Refill it when you see it empty. If it is not used throughout the day, change it next morning and pour the fresh water again.

You can also add watery fruits or veggies to his diet to keep him healthy and hydrated.

10. Air Purifiers

Believe it or not, air purifiers are not just essential for the humans, but also for our beloved pets.

Purifiers can filter dust and allergens while sleeping and so, apparently they can also decrease the chances of dangerous infections and allergies. Our pets have various sensitive areas like eyes of the pug and ears of the German shepherd, which can get infections easily.

A small bug, mites, or fleas can make the infection worse. So, don’t take a chance for your family and the beloved pet and use better than the best air purifiers always.

Be a Hero of Your Pets

If we have a dog in our house, it is our responsibility to take care of all his minor to significant needs.

As they are unable to express their needs and wants, we have to understand their wishes, expectations, health issues, and food choices. I hope this article has given you the answer to your confusion; how to stop a dog from shedding! Take more care of yourself as well as your pooches.

Give extra love, and take care of him as a real guardian. After all, they see angels in us – why not prove them correct?

About the Author:

Shailee Sheth is a content writer who loves to read, research, and write various articles which can make a small difference in the surroundings. She is curious and always go deep to dig out the best diamonds of information. She loves to write on different topics which can help her to widen her knowledge span. Currently, she is associated with BestDogNailGrinder.