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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Be Whining

Dogs only have a few ways of expressing what they are feeling to us, and one of them is whining. But what you may not realize are the different reasons that they may be whining. Knowing why your dog may be whining can give you a better understanding of what they need and are trying to tell you and can bring you closer together.

Dog Whining Image

1. Appeasement

If your dog is not a confident dog, they may whine when they meet new people or dogs. This type of dog is unsure of whether or not this new person or dog may be a threat to them or their owner. The whining may be combined with bringing their tail down, rolling onto their back, holding their ears back, and avoiding eye contact. If this is your dog, you may want to consider taking your dog to a trainer that will be able to help them get their confidence when meeting new people or dogs.

2. Stressful Situations

Whining is one way for a dog to show that they are stressed. Some dogs will bark after they whine and it is also joined with cowering, pacing, panting, carrying their tail low, and not responding to commands they are given. When you notice this behavior in your dog, you should stop what you are doing with them and keep it in mind the next time.

3. Exciting Situations

Dog playing

A whine that is easy to recognize is when your dog is excited. There are things that may excite your dog, such as when their master comes home or when they meet someone new, they may bark, jump, and often whine during these times. You can work with your dog on this by teaching them calming behaviors and self-control.

4. Trained Whining

Whining is also used in training a dog. You may teach your dog to go to the door and whine when they need to go out to go potty. But whining in training can also be a bad thing, such as when a dog whines at you in order to get the attention they are looking for.

5. Pain

Dog running

A pretty common reason for dogs to whine is when they experience pain. If you notice that your dog is whining when they are trying to stand on one of their legs, walk up or down the stairs, or when they are getting up, they may have an injury that you were not aware of and should be taken to see a vet. When a dog gets older, they may end up with arthritis which can be painful for them, causing them to whine. Getting your dog to the vet when you first notice they are whining from pain can actually save you on costly vet bills from injuries that can get worse when they are not treated promptly.

Knowing these different reasons for your dog’s whine can help you better understand what they need and can bring you that much closer to them.

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