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The Best Warm Dog Coats to Protect Against Winter & Cold Weather

No matter where you live, winter can be a challenging time of year.

Whether you experience your winters as snowy, dry and frigid, or soaking wet, you typically have some specialized gear to help you get through it until sunnier, warmer times finally come back around!

If you are a pet owner, you probably need some specialized gear for your best friend, too. Finding the right coat for yourself can be a little tricky. Often times, you need several different varieties depending on how much the weather in your area varies. Makers of dog coats recognize this need for our pets, too, and offer a huge variety of options when selecting the perfect winter coat for your dog. Even more challenging can be finding a coat that fits your specific breed! There are so many shapes, sizes and varieties of dog out there that all of them deserve a great option to keep them warm and happy. Fortunately, you have some options!


Ruffwear features many different types of coats in a variety of styles. They have a very diverse line that meets every possible need your dog might have out in the elements.

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One of the most versatile is the Power Hound Jacket, which uses synthetic insulation and a water resistant outer shell that covers everything from the base of the tail all the way up to the neck, around the chest and even features short sleeves. These help keep the snow out of the coat and the warmth in! They come in a variety of colors and sizes so your dog can not only be warm playing in the snow, but look good doing it.


Hurtta, a company that originated in Finland, also has an impressive line of coats to meet a variety of needs. Their Extreme Warmer features a reflective foil inside to reflect your pup’s body heat, and is made of a waterproof material that covers the heck, hindquarters and all the way around the belly. It even has a protective hood to cover your dog’s ears for extra protection from the cold.

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Their wide variety also includes a Casual Quilted Overall, which is a special design for slim breeds that covers the neck, and has front and back leg sleeves that go all the way to the ankles.

Alpine Outfitters

Alpine Outfitters, a company that specializes in equipment for working dogs and even outfits sled dogs, has a great basic jacket that can suit all needs.

Image source: Polertech

Their Polartech model is fleece lined for warmth, but also wind and water resistant for extra protection from the elements. Dogs can easily run in the movable material, and a typical dog harness can be worn underneath for walks and to help regain control when playtime is over. They fit dogs of all shapes and sizes, and can be ordered specifically for a male or female for easy urine elimination.

Foggy Mountain

Not all dogs fit the “athletic” physique that some do. Some cultured city pups want a little style and flair to go along with function, and Foggy Mountain Dog Coats is the solution for them! Specializing in the “hard to fit” breed, such as Basset Hounds, Dachshunds, Great Danes and Bulldogs, they offer a line of basic nylon Turnout Coats, which cover their major muscle groups. Originally designed for horses, these coats feature sturdy hardware so that they stay secure to even the most high-spirited breeds!

For a little extra flair, your dog might enjoy the Plaid Turnout and features a D-ring so a leash can be directly attached. There are a variety of plaid colors to choose from, and they include the same heavy duty and durable hardware that the more “rugged” coats have. Not only will your best friend be warm and toasty, the will be turning heads.


Image source: Equafleece

Not everyone has a dog that lives in a cold and snowy or wet winter environment. Equafleece makes dog jackets that are specifically designed to be worn in the dry and frigid air. They have a line of summer and winter apparel, and feature a very diverse lineup of options. They have everything from jumpers, tanks, full suits and t-shirts so that your dog can have protection (and style) in a variety of temperatures. For the chilly months, their dog jumper is waterproof, breathes well and is easily washable. Even a wet dog dries quickly when one of these jumpers is pulled over them. It helps maintain their core body temperature, and insulates their shoulder and knee joints. Not only that, they are comfortable! No buckles or straps in the way of lounging in warm comfort. This is also a great option for older and arthritic dogs, as they feature a waterproof zipper model that is easily slipped over the legs and zipped up the back.

Blue Willow

If you have very particular needs for your pup, Blue Willow Dog Coats is a great option. Sharon Couzin, an owner of whippets, realized that there were not very many options out there for her thin, short haired dogs that absolutely needed extra protection in the winter. She took it upon herself to create coats specifically for these breeds with features to protect their vulnerable ears, neck, chest and belly.

Image source: Blue Willow Dog Coats

These days, her Snow Angel coat feature a simple velcro strip around the belly and ultra-warm PolarTec fleece inside. This makes them up to 4 times more wind resistant than standard fleece. They also have the ability to customize any of their coats, so if your dog has needs that their standard lineup doesn’t address, there are options! Depending on the environment you live in and the needs of your pup, this could be a great option for getting the maximum amount of protection they need. Blue Willow also has a diverse lineup of fabric pattern choices, so style does not have to be sacrificed in the name of warmth!


Maybe you and your dog are the rugged, outdoorsy types and you need form and function above all else. Kurgo, a pet outfitter that features not only dog coats but leashes, harnesses, collars and more, offers a basic North Country coat that does the job. They fit a wide variety of breeds, from the small to the extra large, and has coverage where it counts the most to maintain a dog’s natural range of motion. These coats are made of a light waterproof material, but is highly durable and repels rain, wind and snow with ease.

Image source: Kurgo

The outside also features a tear-resistant feature so that when your buddy is bounding through the trees and brush, damage to the coat will be at a minimum. It has a zippered opening to access an average dog harness D-ring or collar. Best of all, all of the piping on this coat is reflective and it includes a flashing LED strip so your dog will be as safe as he is comfortable.

Chilly Dogs

It goes without saying that the best designers of coats for people and coats for dogs are the ones who come from the coldest climates! Chilly Dogs, a company out of Canada, knows cold better than anyone. They keep a high standard of quality in their products, priding themselves on putting them on par with any outdoor apparel for people you’re likely to find. Locally produced in Canada, this company caters to breeds as small as Chihuahuas and as huge as Great Danes.

They carry a wide variety of options that meet just about any dog’s need when it comes to the weather. Not only do they offer coats and jackets, they offer head muffs and belly bands for some of the more sensitive and vulnerable areas. Their Great White North coat is their standard, and it is built for the cold. It is easily slipped over the dog’s head and a wide flap encloses all of his belly and chest with a secure clip that rests on the back. It is easy to slip on and off, and is approved for temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit! Your dog’s neck and chest are enclosed in a warm and comfortable fleece material, and all of the piping is reflective for safety. Because they have thought of everything, this model even has a hanging loop at the back so that the coat can easily be hung up to dry when playtime is over. They are easily machine washable, and come in a variety of colors to keep your dog looking as good as it feels.

With so many choices out there, it can seem intimidating finding the right coat for your dog! All of these companies can be viewed on the web and their full lines are available so you can pick what works best for you and your family! No matter what kind of winter you have to endure every year, there is an option out there that will keep your dog as safe and happy as possible. Best of all, with so much diversity available, there is no dog out there that won’t be able to find a fitting, durable and warm coat that will last them this winter and many more to come.

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