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The Benefits of D.A.P


Does your normally confident and playful dog turn into a reclusive scared puppy or hyperexitable out of control pooch when it hears the rumble of thunder or crackling of fireworks? Well, your dog is not alone.

DAP ™ (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) was created by veterinarians to mimic the natural pheromone released by the lactating female three to five days after giving birth. These "appeasing pheromones" give the puppies a sense of well-being and reassurance. In addition to puppies, DAP has been scientifically proven in dogs of all ages to reduce anxiety related to stressful situations and enviroments such as thunderstorms and fireworks.
When dogs are faced with stressful situations or enviroments they can act out in many different ways. Some of the most common signs include excessive panting and salivation, destruction, trembling, seeking the owner, cowering, hiding, and inappropriate urination/defecation.

The efficacy of DAP has been proven by more than 23 clinical studies published in scientific journals or presented at international conferences, for a wide range of abnormal behavior related to stress and anxiety.


• Plug in the DAP ® diffuser at least two weeks prior to the expected noisy event or thunderstorm/hurricane season.
• Place the DAP ® diffuser in the room where the dog will go for refuge and leave the diffuser plugged in constantly.
• Find a safe and secure area and teach the dog to be comfortable resting there. (crate, laundry room, etc)
• DAP ® is to be used in conjunction with behavior modification such as desensitization
and counter conditioning.

• Owner should ignore the noises and try to engage the dog in some form of active play or a game.
• Do not punish the dog for acting frightened, this will just increase their fear and anxiety.
• Do not fuss or try to reassure the dog when it acts frightened since the dog may assume that their behavior is appropriate.
• Ignore any fearful behavior or attention seeking attempts such as pawing, whining or pacing.
• Make sure the dog has access to a safe and secure hiding area with some comforting toys or food rewards.
• Use some white noise (a fan) or music to help mask the noisy fearful sounds.
• Apply additional DAP spray to the bedding or area where the dog will stay during the noisy event.

• Leave DAP ® diffuser plugged in for at least one week.

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