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Drontal Cats (50 tabs)
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Drontal Cats (50 tabs)

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Drontal Plus for a removal of the common parasites of cats and kittens including Tapeworms, Hookworms and Large Roundworms.

  • Proven to eliminate the most common intestinal parasites (tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms)
  • Chewable tablets are easy to give
  • Given as a single dose

  • How it works: Drontals active ingredients are praziquantel, pyrantel pamoate and febantel. Praziquantel works by damaging the parasite's skin internally, so the parasite disintegrates and is removed by the pet's immune system. Pyrantel pamoate is active against hookworms and ascarids and acts as a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent, causing sudden contraction, followed by paralysis. This results in the hookworm losing its grip in the intestinal wall and is removed from the pets system by natural process. Febantel is active against nematode parasites including whipworms.

    Useful Information

    Administer the proper dose as specified in the following table as a single oral treatment.

    Body Weight* (lbs.) No. of Tablets
    2-3 0.5
    4-8 1.0
    9-12 1.5
    13-16 2.0
    *Not for use in kittens less than 2 months of age or weighing less than 2 lbs.

    Drontal® tablets may be given directly by mouth or offered in a small amount of food. Do not withhold food from the cat prior to or after treatment.

    Customer Reviews

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    By Anouk
    FRAUD - Never receive the product
    February 4, 2024
    I purchase this item and I never receive it. I tried to call ENTIRELY PETS many times, waited on the line (no answer), left messages (no return), wrote mails (ro reply), Nothing. The money was taking from my credit card (251.98$)!!!
    By SDol
    Carson ND
    Worth every penny!
    November 20, 2018
    This product was effective when the liquid wormers prescribed by my vet were not. Pills can be tough to get down a cat, but there are a few tricks.
    By pisgahpaws
    Pisgah Forest, NC
    Excellent dewormer for all worms
    September 20, 2017
    I run a cat rescue and always keep Drontal handy. It will cure all types of worms, so I can get my rescue cats broadly treated with a single pill. It is bad tasting, so I use Tomlyn pill masker to wrap each pill, which makes them easier to give the cats.
    Pacific Northwest
    August 11, 2017
    This product every 3-4 months works great for our 3 cats. We break up the pill and put it in a little Velveeta. I don't like giving them Velveeta but it works and just a small amt.
    By SammyJo
    La Crescent, MN
    Great overall dewormer
    April 4, 2017
    Safe and covers most internal worms and issues. A good general pill for animals when you want to cover a majority of issues. Great for shelters.

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