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Duchess 11/5/14

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Lilac Siamese mix
Location:Gainesville, Ga
OwnerSarah DeChamplain
Duchess is around 2 ˝ years old. I originally found her as a feral kitten but through kindness and care, she became a tame, loving, outdoor cat. But the story doesn’t end there! After spaying Duchess, she became an indoor/outdoor cat who spent most of her time outside and came in at night or during bad weather. However, one day Duchess was found meowing piteously on the front porch when she and the other outdoor cat, Smoky, were being fed their dinner. Further investigation revealed Duchess’s right hind leg’s bone protruding through the skin, and she was rushed immediately to the vet. X-rays revealed a broken leg and several bruises, but thankfully no internal injuries. Duchess underwent surgery to remove the leg and after a few days came home. It was a hard decision because nobody wants to lose a limb but Duchess was a wonder kitty. She arrived home and immediately was up walking around. She leaped up onto beds and chairs: much to her owner’s dismay, who had been told to keep her quiet. Today, Duchess is a living example to others that losing a limb is a small obstacle in life that can be overcome. Through the help of family, friends, and prayer, Duchess still lives a very happy, healthy, life and there is no reason why others can’t too.

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