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Ear Cleansers & Treatments

If your pet doesn't seem to be their usual, charismatic self, keep an eye on their behavior. If they're scratching or rubbing their ears a lot, they might have an ear infection or uncomfortable waxy buildup. Help them get back to 100 percent with the proper ear cleaners and treatments from EntirelyPets.

Just like in humans, our pets always have a little bit of naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in their ears. If this balance is upset from debris or illness, it can cause the bacteria or yeast to multiply or be replaced by pathogens. This can lead to otitis, which if left unchecked, can cause permanent damage to your pet's hearing.

Otitis begins in the outer ear, which is the exposed part that you can see when doing routine checkups or a more thorough examination. Usually caused by debris, mites, or other factors like pond water, otitis is treatable with veterinary guidance. Usually, a round of antibiotics and at-home treatment can fix the problem.

Treating waxy buildup and infection in your pets' ears can be a bit of a challenge. To make it as comfortable as possible, hold the bottle in your hands or run it under warm water for a few minutes so the solution isn't cold. Squeeze the solution into your pet's ear while massaging the base of the ear for 20-25 seconds. Let your pet shake their head to get rid of excess fluid, then repeat on the other ear. Always follow specific instructions given to you by your vet or included in the treatment's packaging.

To prevent future infections, control your pet's allergies, keep the hair trimmed around the outer ear and clean your pet's ears regularly with our safe, affordable cleansers. Take care to be gentle and never insert anything (like a cotton swab) into your pet's ear canal. And while regular cleaning is recommended, don't overuse treatments as bacteria can become desensitized. Consult with your veterinarian for recommendations.