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Ear & Eye - Wipes & Pads

Worried your pet may be susceptible to dry, irritated eyes? Don't forget that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At EntirelyPets, our selection of cleansing wipes is just what you need to keep your pets' ears and eyes in good shape.

Ear wipes are an easy way to avoid some causes of infection. Often debris or water lodged in the ear can cause naturally occurring bacteria and yeast to multiply or even turn into pathogens. This infection, called otitis, begins in the outer ear, causing it to look red and swollen. However, if left unchecked for too long, the infection can make its way into the inner ear and cause permanent hearing damage. Your pup really does want to hear who's a good boy! Routinely using wipes helps clean and dry the ear after daily activities, and should be especially used after swimming.

Waxy buildup in the ear can also be managed with ear wipes found at EntirelyPets. Wax buildup can become itchy, making your cat rub his head on all your household objects twice as much. The wax can also cause secondary infections and begin to emit a foul odor. The ear wipes, when used regularly, help dissolve the wax that accumulates in the outer ear. Be gentle and never insert anything like a cotton swab into your pet's ear canal.

As for your pet's peepers, keeping them clean and clear lets your pet stare adoringly at you unencumbered. Eye wipes help remove dust and debris after adventures outdoors or dust-bunny raiding parties. Particles in your dog's eyes can cause anything from mild dryness and irritation, to serious infection or tearing in the eye. Eye wipes also clean rust-colored tearstains caused by excessive tear production.

Shop now to help your pet's sensory organs be better to see and hear you with, my dear!