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Stay Active with Your Pet!

Staying active is an essential part of a healthy life for both you and your pet. We all know the importance of implementing exercise into our daily lives, why not involve our furry friends? Without exercise, your pet may be at risk for serious problems later in life such as obesity. A fit pet is a healthy pet! These fun and easy activities will keep you and your pet active!

Hike Or Walk With Your Dog

Taking your dog out on daily walks is a great way for you and your pooch to get exercise. Try using a hands-free leash to make exercise easier! There are mutual benefits for a 20-30 minute walk around your neighborhood or local park. The longer and faster the walking is, the more calories you and your dog will burn. Consider going for a hike on the beach or mountains on the weekend! Below you will find out how many calories you are burning walking with your dog.

Playing Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog is an entertaining way to get active. Ignite your dog’s natural instinct to chase by tossing a frisbee or ball as far as you can. After your dog runs back to return the toy, sprint to the spot he caught it and throw it again. Remember to give your pup a big reward each time he retrieves the toy.


Looking for an excuse to skip weight training at the gym? We have the perfect solution. Tug-of-war is an excellent workout for both you and your dog. (The bigger your pooch, the more exercise you will get). All you need is a strong rope or long toy for your dog to tug on. It is important to use a toy meant for tug-of-war in order to keep your hands away from your dog’s teeth.

Stair Climbing

Looking to amplify your cardio level? Stair climbing is a popular style of exercise for humans and can be equally as entertaining for your dog! Find yourself a safe staircase, perhaps in your house or at a local school’s bleachers. Try using a no-pull harness for your pet to ensure you are safe and balanced while stair climbing. Remember to pause and take water breaks!

Cat Cardio

Curious how to get active with your cat? We have options for you and your feline too! For the more confident felines, consider introducing your kitty to a cat harness. Some cats enjoy going out for strolls, just keep an eye out for fellow dog walkers! We all know cats love to chase. Try playing jump rope with a laser or light. Put two flashlights in each of your hands and pretend to jump rope. As the light moves all over the wall, your feline friend will jump around and try to catch it. At the same time, you are getting a workout from the jumping rope motion.