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E Collars

E-collars are often dreaded by pets and their owners, but these protective medical devices are essential to helping your pet recover faster. They feature a truncated cone shape that prevents dogs and cats from biting, licking or scratching while wounds heal. EntirelyPets offers e-collars for every single scenario - from post-surgery protection to temporary use after administering medication. The best part is, they won't limit your pet's mobility, so he or she can still play, eat and explore as usual. E-collars or pet cones are actually called Elizabethan collars because they look similar to the ruffs worn in Elizabethan times. Contrary to their old-fashioned name, today's e-collars are designed for pet comfort and versatility. You can purchase soft e-collars, rigid e-collars and even inflatable e-collars to find a style that works with your pet's personality. Looking for a comfortable e-collar? Inflatable e-collars are a modern-day solution to the rigid styles of yesteryear. These devices give your pet a range of mobility while still limiting self-harm, so he or she can still eat, play and sleep without impediment. These styles and soft e-collars are often washable for repeat use. We also recommend the Bite-Free Collar for comfortable wear, as it features a foam-padded neck for gentle restriction. All of our Elizabethan collars come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your dog or cat. We know that it can be difficult to know which size e-collar to buy, so many of our product descriptions feature a handy sizing chart that will help you find the right fit. We also carry a wide range of adjustable e-collars that will help you create a custom-like fit without the use of tape or strings. Adjustable styles are great for multi-pet households. Many styles also feature Velcro closures for easy on and off. EntirelyPets offers e-collars made by your favorite name brands, including Kong, ElizaSoft, ZenPet, Pet Botanics and more.