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Eli (1/4/10)

Name: Elijah (Eli)
Breed: Thoroughbred
Submitted by: Jen R.
Location: Mascoutah, IL

Eli is a 15 year old ex-racehorse. He’s a sweetheart with a very sensitive personality. His current career is dressage, but deep down he’d probably like to be a jumper. Eli is a playful guy and loves to stand on two legs when playing with his buddies. Thankfully he doesn’t do that when riding!

Eli likes carrots, apples, cookies and sugar cubes. He loves to roll on the ground – at least once a day. He likes his butt scratched and his face rubbed!

Our favorite Entirely Pets product is UlcerGard. We use it during show season when we travel. Though I will admit that if you asked Eli he would say he doesn’t like it – he doesn’t like cinnamon flavor!

UlcerGard Joint MAX TS FURminator DeShedding Tool


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