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What is Enisyl-F Used For?

The Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) causes an acute respiratory illness known as Rhinotracheitis in infected cats that can be particularly dangerous to kittens and cats with another chronic disease. This virus is highly contagious and can live inside your cat long after symptoms initially subside; in fact, up to 85% of all cats are carriers of FHV. The virus will cause recurring symptoms as the disease becomes active in times of stress; it can also be spread to other cats while in a dormant state.

Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis (FVR) can cause conjunctivitis, nasal congestion, fever, lethargy, anorexia, and enlarged lymph nodes; it can also lead to recurring corneal ulcers in adult cats. As these symptoms can recur throughout an infected catís life, it can be helpful to treat FVR symptomatically. This means that treatments focus on countering the effects of the virus rather than the underlying cause. One of the best methods of relieving these symptoms is the use of lysine, which supports your catís immune system.

Supplementing your catís diet with L-lysine is a clinically proven way to reduce symptoms of FVR and other upper respiratory infections; it also works to reduce the duration of the periods in which the virus is active. Because there is no cure for FHV, L-lysine is generally used daily for any cat that has been infected with the virus, even when the symptoms are not currently present. One of the best sources of L-lysine for treating infected cats is Enisyl-F.

What is Enisyl-F?

Enisyl-F is a dietary supplement that features a palatable, poultry flavor to ensure that it is easy to administer to your cat. This unique formulation is available as both an oral paste and a delectable treat to ensure that you can find the perfect method to meet your catís dietary preference. This supplement from Vétoquinol uses L-Lysine monohydrochloride both to suppress symptoms caused by FHV and to reduce the viral shedding that spreads it.

One of the key benefits of Enisyl-F is that it can be administered daily for as long as required without causing side effects. This is particularly useful for any product meant to treat FVR, since it affects cats chronically and can benefit infected cats throughout their life. Whatís more is that this supplement can also be used in conjunction with other treatments and supplements without complication.

Your veterinarian can recommend the ideal dosage for your cat based on their specific condition. The supplement is also formulated with minimal ingredients to ensure that they donít negatively impact other areas of your catís health despite frequent administration. If your cat has ever been infected with FHV- donít hesitate to start supplying him with a steady source of L-Lysine by purchasing Enisyl-F treats or oral paste today.

Prevention and Additional Treatments

For cats that have not yet been infected with FHV, rather than support their immune system with lysine, it can be a good idea to have your cat vaccinated. This vaccine is generally included as part of a catís core vaccines. This vaccination is generally given through multiple injections over a ten week period for kittens as young as 6 weeks of age.

Though vaccinating your cat can prevent infection; the virus is often spread to young kittens early in life, before the vaccines can be administered. This means that there is a good chance pursuing vaccination is not a viable option for your cat. If this is the case- donít worry, Enisyl-F can provide sufficient relief from its symptom; and if your cat doesn't like either form of Enisyl-F, there are additional L-lysine supplements made from Vetoquinol to offer your cat even more options.

Viralys offers the same dietary L-lysine as Enisyl-F in powder and gel forms. Like Enisyl-F, Viralys is safe for regular use and can be used for cats and kittens of all ages. For additional support, you can offer your cat both Enisyl-F and Viralys along with any other treatments recommended to you by your veterinarian. We hope that this article as addressed any questions you may have had regarding Enisyl-F and encourage you to ask any questions left unanswered or to share your experience with this product in the comments section below!