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EntirelyPets Scholarship Winners Announced!

Four months ago we launched the EntirelyPets scholarship program, and the response has been tremendous. Hundreds of students from around the country participated, answering the question: "How has owning a pet impacted your life?"

We enjoyed reading through each and every one of the essays, and it was very difficult choosing the 3 winners, which we would like to share with you now. Below are the winning essays, and we think you'll agree that they capture the powerful impact that pets can have on human lives.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the competition, and stay tuned for a new scholarship program we will be launching shortly!

1st Place - Delenn Breedlove (Chiqui)

Chiqui Photo

“We aren’t getting another dog.”

My grandmother said it again and again. No more animals. She couldn’t go through it again.

Growing up on a farm, my grandmother had had many dogs. She grew attached to each of them, although some more than others. But with that attachment came sadness. Loss. The dogs would die of old age, or illness, or run away, or be hit by cars. Animals die, often in tragic ways.

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2nd Place - Sadie Heindel (Jake)

Sadie Photo

Strength in Eyes

A perfectly pink tongue fell out of the open mouth of a small pug as he tilted his head ever so slightly to one side. The dog stared at me and gently wagged his curled tail. A pair of soft, brown eyes met mine and seemed to plead for a new home.

Jake the Pug is one of those dogs that melts your heart, and it's not just because he is cute and sweet. He is a true fighter. If there's one thing that's more memorable than his gentle eyes, it's the stump where his front leg used to be.

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3rd Place - Florence Oakes (Popcorn)

Popcorn Photo

I never expected to fall in love with a chicken. I don’t think any of us do. However, here I am, writing an essay about the feathered creature that pecks at grubs in the backyard.

My own two little girls were over-the-moon excited as we looked under the hot white lamps at the local tractor supply and picked out the tiny chicks. The total cost was six dollars. And when we drove them home, all of them nestled together in a small house-shaped cardboard box with a handle, I couldn’t help but think that we had just purchased a live-chicken nugget happy meal—six pieces at that.

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What did you think of the stories? Which was your favorite one? Let us know in the comments!