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EntirelyPets Weekly Recap – (5/12-16/14)

New Survey Reveals Travel Preferences of Dog Owners

The Fidose of Reality blog reported the results of the U.S. Pet Travel Study conducted by DogVacay. The results provide insight into the way dog owners think of their pets and how pet owners’ travels are affected by their pets. The survey collected data from an online Harris Poll among 2,025 adults- with nearly 50% of participants owning at least one dog.

The results of the survey revealed that 46% of dog owners find that worrying about their dogs while they are on vacation makes it difficult to enjoy their time away. Though this number may not surprise many dog owners, the survey also revealed that 14% of dog owners missed an important life event this past year because they did not wish to leave their pet at home alone.

Fidose reported these results in the context of their tour across the United States, the Fidose Across America. The tour has made its way across the country and met with great success in its visit to the BlogPaws Conference.

The BlogPaws Conference Unites Bloggers from Around the World

BlogPaws held its 2014 conference last week in Las Vegas, where hundreds of pet bloggers united to exchange notes, recognize accomplished bloggers, and enjoy the prolific entertainment of various pet celebrities. While we sent out own representatives to the conference, which you can read about here, the event’s scope was expansive to say the least.

The conference was aimed at advancing BlogPaws’ central goal of amplifying the voices of their members and shaping their social media presence to help them inform and influence pet owners. As part of their campaign to empower their members, they’ve created a repository of blog posts about the conference on their website. This source is one of the many ways BlogPaws is fostering as sense of community among pet bloggers, and for that- we thank them.

Cat Saves Owner from Spontaneous Dog Attack

Time, among other publications, reported a story that went viral this week of a heroic cat saving a small boy from a dog attack. News of the event spread like wildfire when a video of the attack and the cat’s valiant effort was uploaded to Youtube this Wednesday. The video shows a stray dog wandering into a yard and approaching a young boy standing next to his bike. The video then turns vicious in the matter of seconds, as the dog lunges at the boy’s leg.

The attack ended as abruptly as it had begun thanks to the heroic cat’s impressive leap. The cat then pursued the dog until it left the property before returning to comfort the injured boy. Now, Tara the cat is being hailed as a hero across the web- and rightly so. The boy suffered mild injuries, but they could have been much worse if the attack had lasted even another second.

Pet Food Suppliers in Heated Legal Battle

It’s not uncommon to see large companies taking each other to court, often over frivolous matters. Though this behavior is expected among giants like Comcast, Google, and Apple- it’s generally less common in the pet supply industry. However, this week, the Associated Press reported an impending legal battle between Blue Buffalo Co. Ltd. and Nestle Purina Pet Care Co.

On Wednesday, Blue Buffalo filed a federal lawsuit against Nestle Purina in the St. Louis District Court in response to a similar lawsuit filed against them by Nestle Purina last week. Both suits allege false advertising, defamation, and other legal assertions tantamount to misleading consumers. Not surprisingly, each company maintains that it is honest while its competitor is dishonest.