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EntirelyPets Weekly Recap (5/19-23/14)

9-Year Old Inspires Global Response with Efforts to Build A No-Kill Animal Shelter

In an inspiring turn of events, one young boy’s act of kindness is making a huge difference in the Philippines. Ellen posted the story to her Shine Yahoo blog, explaining how Ken's good intentions led to something amazing. Ken had been feeding the local strays for some time before a photograph of his work began to go viral, reaching animal lovers across the globe. These photos resonated with the pet owning population of those in more affluent areas, who began a campaign to raise money to empower this Ken and his family to offer the animals more comprehensive care.

The donations were immediately put to good use, allowing ken to lease a sizeable lot. There, Ken wishes to someday open his own no-kill animal shelter. “I want to save as many of those dogs as I can from being killed for no reason,” Ken wrote on his official website for the Happy Animals Club. Ken’s determination is admirable and we wish him the best in his continued efforts to fundraise and use those funds to provide adequate care.

New App Matches Grieving Pet Owners to New Friends With Familiar Faces

An app called PetMatch has emerged that aims to relieve the grief of those who have recently lost a pet. A new app has emerged that allows pet owners to find rescue animals up for adoption in your area that look similar to your recently departed pet. The idea that a look alike pet will make any pet owner feel better is questionable- but the technology is sound.

Using a complex "machine vision" algorithm, the application first requires that you upload a photo of your pet. It then analyzes the geometry of your pet’s face, as well as his fur and eye color before running this information through its database to find potential matches. The app then puts forward the animals that most closely resemble the picture of your pet. It may be strange- but for the $20 million that went into its development- one can only hope that it succeeds in its efforts to increase pet adoptions.

Drones Could Replace Dog-Walkers for Pets of Tomorrow

Another new technology could mean an end to anxious dogs begging to be walked. A proposed invention repurposes drone technology for the pet care industry. Designers and programmers have envisioned a drone that would allow pet owners to simply stay at home while the drone takes your dog on a controlled tour of the neighborhood.

However, impractical it may seem, its applications could expand to help care for your dog remotely while owners are away on vacation or extended business trips. The AR Drone would allow users to program a walking route that the drone then uses to guide your dog around the neighborhood. The drone would hover above head level while streaming video of your dog that can be viewed remotely.

Chuy Chihuaha Gives Advice and Offers Dog Food Give Away

Our featured blog post for the week is a post by Chuy Chihuaha for the blog Irrresistable Pets. This post gives helpful hints on how to treat dogs the way they’d like to be treated by setting out a list of ideal qualities that pets look for in potential pet parents. The post is a fun and light-hearted treat that we at EntirelyPets recommend for anyone who is considering adopting a puppy.

In addition to their tips, Chuy is also running a contest to win one month’s supply of free Merrick dog food. Merrick makes a wide variety of pet food for both cats and dogs that combine a wide assortment of natural ingredients. These ingredients are prepared in a way that gives each bite amazing flavor and each formula delivers comprehensive nutrition to your pet.