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Miracles, Innovations and Puppies: Read All About "Em In This Week's EntirelyPets Weekly Recap

Cat Finds 9th Life in Resurrection 5 Days after His Burial

In a truly remarkable display of feline tenacity, Bart the cat shocked his owner by returning home a full 5 days after being placed in his grave. Bartís owner, Ellis Huston of Tampa, FL, discovered what he thought to be Bartís lifeless body last week in the middle of a road near his home. According to Huston, the cat was cold and limp, lying in a pool of his own blood after having apparently been struck by a car. Huston couldnít bear the loss and asked his neighbor to bury Bart nearby.

Five days after the burial, Huston was astounded to find Bart at his door. Huston immediately sought veterinary attention and discovered that the dogged cat was suffering from a broken jaw, ruptured eye, and dehydration. Though unable to pay for Bartís medical bills on his own, Huston found relief through the Human Society of Tampa Bay, who offered to pay for Bart's medical procedures. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Bart lost his eye in the accident but is otherwise expected to make a full recovery.

Whistle Acquires Tagg Pet Tracker and Raises $15 Million to Revolutionize Pet Tracking

The need to locate lost pets has long-been a pressing concern for pet owners everywhere; but with the wonders of Mooreís law rapidly improving our technological capabilities, the pet-tracking industry is seeing unprecedented growth. Just this week, the pet tech company Whistle made two incredible strides toward growing their pet monitoring services.

TechCrunch reported Whistleís acquisition of Tagg earlier this week, a move that Whistleís CEO stated will “push the evolution of Whistleís pet hardware even further.” While Whistle expects Taggís technology to be fully integrated into its products by the end of this year, they also plan to continue full support and services for current users of the Tagg Pet Tracker. This effort, along with other planned endeavors to expand their product line, will be funded with a recent $15 million investment from various sources.

Puppy Bowl XI Brings Puppies to Your Home

Itís that time of year again- Animal Planetís annual Puppy Bowl is finally here! And for the first time in its eleven year history, Animal Planet is bringing the puppies into your home! Thatís right, Animal Planet has teamed up with Uber to offer puppies on demand. The unorthodox promotion is only available in ten major cities across the nation: Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, DC, Denver, Indianapolis, LA, Phoenix, and Seattle.

The program offers 15 minutes of puppy playtime for just $30. For those concerned about whether or not the program is ethical, puppies partaking in the program are coming from local rescues and are also available for adoption. Unfortunately, this means that availability is limited, so if youíre interested in partaking in the program- itís best to act fast. You can find directions on how to request your puppy party on Uberís blog post about the event here.

DogTipper Teams up with Zukeís for #SuperDogSunday Twitter Party

DogTipper is an incredible blog that often works to bring dog lovers the toys and treats they need to keep their pups happy. Just yesterday, the blog teamed up with Zukeís to give away more than $750 in merchandise to virtual party-goers. The event inspired more than 30,000 entries from dog lovers via Twitter that each proposed good ways for dog owners to spend Superbowl Sunday with their pups.

In addition to highlighting Zukeís brilliant product line of natural, healthy treats for dogs, the party also generated a nice repository of dog care tips and adorable pictures of pups ready for the big game (see the picture on the right, courtesy of Twitter user @5MinutesforFido). To get the lowdown on future promotions, we encourage you to check out DogTipper whenever you get the chance!

Did we miss anything this week that you thought was a big deal? Let us know what you think of this weekly recap in the comments section below! And see what you missed in last week's recap here.