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EntirelyPets Weekly Recap (June 9-13, 2014)

Dog Adopts Second Persona and Treks 500 Miles to Brazil reported an amazing story this week about a dog that took an unexpected journey with a group of strangers and gained the respect and love of soccer fans everywhere. The pupís call to adventure came in the form of four traveling Englishman, making the journey from Mendiza, Argentina to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The exhausting journey was performed by the four men and their canine companion entirely on foot (or on paw) and documented on their Facebook page.

The men had met the dog in the streets of Solis, Uruguay, and became fast friends with the loveable pooch, whom they dubbed Jefferson. Though the men thought the dog was stray at the time, their new friend was in fact a beloved pet. While Jefferson became famous for his exploits and his love of soccer, his real owner took notice. This Sunday, Ignacio Etchetchury met the group in Brazil to retrieve not Jefferson- but "Negro"- from the end of his journey.

Egregious Abuse Ends Happily with Potential Jail Time for Culprit and Happy Home for Cat

The web has been abuzz with cries for justice over a viral video depicting a man kicking a cat. The video of 21-year-old Andre Robinson begins with the young man luring the cat to his side and showing affection for a short period- but the video quickly takes a turn for the worst as a swift kick from Robinson launches the cat into the air and out of sight. He then laughs until the video ends.

The subsequent uproar was fast and effective. Robinson currently sits behind bars where he awaits trial for aggravated animal cruelty. While his story awaits its conclusion, there is at least some good news for King, the abused cat filmed in the video. The Huffington Post reports that he has found a home and is now living with a loving family in a safe environment.

Spanish Dogs Find Home Away from Home at The Resort Canino Can Jane, A Hotel for Dogs

On Tuesday, Time published a piece reporting the grand opening of a world-class water park for dogs. The attraction is part of a five-star hotel meant to give dog lovers and their beloved pets a place to vacation. The innovative idea uses a complex filter system that works tirelessly to clean the water of any fur shed by its patrons.

The resortĎs lavish design includes slides on which the dogs can play and fountains that offer additional fun. The attraction is located in Roca Del Valles, Spain, and features a staff experienced in dog training. Though the resort is known for its luxuries, its entry fee is surprisingly affordable- at only 10 Euros (or $16) to enter the park for dogs and adults alike.

Butt-Scooting Explained: Pawsitively Explained Addresses the Phenomena of Scooting Pets

Chances are, if you own a pet, youíre familiar with the notion of animals dragging their butt across the ground. This interesting habit is no accident- as Ann Staub explains on her blog, Pawsitively Explained, itís actually a symptom that indicates your pet may be suffering from one of several problems. Ann outlines the three most common causes of butt-scooting and refers readers to ways to effectively address the problem.

Though you can find out on Annís post itself- the three central causes listed are: tapeworm infestations, anal gland ruptures (and related complications), and fecal matter becoming stuck to your petís fur. Though some of these problems are easy to resolve, infestations require treatment, like Tapeworm Tabs, and complications with the anal glands are another matter entirely. To learn how to resolve these problems, check out Annís blog and discover even more of amazing pet facts!