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  5. Delta Airlines Inexplicably Loses Family’s Dog, DogVacay to Expand Services to Dogs Worldwide, and America’s First Cat Café Opens Its Doors- This & More in the EntirelyPets Weekly Recap (November 8-14, 2014)

Delta Airlines Inexplicably Loses Family’s Dog, DogVacay to Expand Services to Dogs Worldwide, and America’s First Cat Café Opens Its Doors- This & More in the EntirelyPets Weekly Recap (November 8-14, 2014)

Delta Airlines Loses Man’s Best Friend

Moving across the country is an incredibly taxing experience in its own right, but add losing your best friend to the mix and the situation becomes downright arduous. This is the sad situation Frank Romano was confronted with this past week when flying from Los Angeles, California, to Tampa, Florida. While boarding a plane to make a cross country move, a Delta agent informed Romano that his pit bull, Ty, was missing.

According to Huffington Post, Romano has yet to receive a straight answer from Delta as to what happened to Ty. In spite of Delta’s claims that the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own, Romano remains skeptical after observing that the grate covering the crate had been removed without indications of having been bitten. Currently, Romano and his family are praying that Delta’s ongoing search for the dog has a happy ending.

DogVacay Raises $25 million to Unite Dog Sitters and Dog Owners in Need

If you’ve ever had a bad experience with a pet sitting service or simply found it difficult to accommodate your pet during a vacation then you’re probably never heard of DogVacay. Touted as the Airbnb for dogs, this service provides an ingenious way of providing a safe and affordable alternative to kennels. Founded only 2 years ago, the service started by a single couple concerned for their own dog has since exploded into a multi-million dollar company

According to an article from Fortune, to date the company has raised $47 million in venture funding and continues to grow at an impressive pace. The company sets itself apart from competitors via its selective screening process that ensures its users their dogs will only stay with quality dog watchers. Though the company currently operates with only 70 employees, they plan to grow internationally and expand the services offered to grooming, dog walking, and dog day care.

Bay Area Welcomes America’s First Cat Café

It's been tried in multiple locations across the country, but one effort has finally stuck. As of last week, Oakland, California became home to the country’s first cat café. What’s a cat café you ask? It’s simply a place where thirsty café goers can enjoy the company of feline friends. The idea came from Japan, where cat cafés have since become commonplace. Now, Cat Town in Oakland has successfully brought the idea overseas.

In addition to creating a therapeutic effect for café goers, cat cafés provide a safe shelter space for cats and can help many find a permanent home. According to the Associated Press, many of the cats in the café have been in the shelter for several months; within the first 12 days of operation, 14 of these cats were adopted into loving homes. The shop also paves the way for similar cafés to open across the nation, as has already occurred in many parts of Asia and Europe.

Dory’s Backyard Celebrates the Holiday’s Early with a Blogville Gift Exchange

Another beloved blog in the Pet blog community, Dory’s Backyard follows the adventures of Dory the Lhasa Apso and three of her furry friends: Bilbo, Jacob, and Arty. If you love reading about dogs with great character, then Dory’s Backyard is the answer to your prayers. This week, the pack has had quite a bit of fun and celebrated the holidays in style.

In addition to entering the blogville gift exchange, where the group spreads their love for their fellow pet bloggers, the pack of pups is also preparing for Thanksgiving. Sharing festive photos for the fall, today’s post offers both pictures of decorated dogs and of nature’s spending changing colors throughout the neighborhood. For more from Dory and her pack- check out their blog today!

Did we miss anything this week that you thought was a big deal? Let us know what you think of this weekly recap in the comments section below!