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Epakitin Powder Reviews

Chronic Kidney Disease (CDK) and Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) are two of the leading causes of illness in cats and dogs. Both can be extremely hazardous to your pet with little reprieve from the deterioration of your pet's health. Epakitin Powder is one of the few medications available that is proven to impede the progress of CDK and CRF. It's no wonder then that customers love Epakitin for restoring life to their pets and giving them their pet back. Take a look at the praise these customers had for Epakitin Powder for Dogs and Cats.

This review from Sheila tells how Epakitin helped save her puppy's life.

"We have a Samoyed that was diagnosed with renal dysplasia as a puppy. Her kidneys are the same size a cat's should be as well as misshapen. She was not expected to live past 2 years of age. We found a nephrologist that prescibed a combination of an ace inhibitor, baby aspirin, omega 3 fish oil, Epakitin, & Azodyl. She turned 5 this past October. Needless to say, we are thrilled these products exist. She would not be alive without them."

Shiela's testimony reassures us that Epakitin can work wonders in dogs with renal distress and kidney disease. However, Epakitin isn't made just for dogs- it also works to help cats with similar kidney problems. This review from slamina gives the exact results that Epakitin yielded for her 14 year-old cat.

"Our 14 yr. old male cat was found to be in late stage kidney failure during a vet. visit in April 2012. His BUN read very high at 102 and CREATININE at 2.8. Those are 2 tests that show the progression. My vet. rx'd him Epakitin. His next visit in May showed a 1 lb. weight gain, BUN at 42 and CREATININE at 2.7. Today, 19 months later he is doing fine. Amazing how this powder changed his blood levels. And it has no smell or taste, easy to give to your pet. I paid my vet. $105 for a 150 gm. jar. Here I pay under $70. for a 300 gm size."

Slamina's story shows that Epakitin can yield incredible results for cats. But in addition to helping out with renal distress, Epakitin can work to prevent pancreatitis. High levels of triglycerides, a type of fatty acid, can cause hypertriglyceridemia, which can, often fatally, lead to the inflammation of the pancreas. CB comments on how Epakitin effectively lowered his dog's hypertriglyceridemia was treated with Epakitin, preventing the progression of the condition into a fatal case of pancreatitis.
"My schnauzer was diagnosed with hypertriglyceredemia which was causing her to be ill and have pain. The specialist recommended this product even though it is made for renal care because they found it helps to bind the fats and lower triglycerides. I am happy to say that my girl's triglycerides dropped almost 250 points in one month. We are on the right track! She has been spunkier and loving life once again."

CB's tale shows that Epakitin has more than one way to improve your pet's health. Dozens of reviews tell similar tales of Epakitin extending the expected life of their pet by months or years. So where's the best to buy Epakitin? Well…
"This was recommended by my vet for my dog who developed chronic renal disease after successfully beating lymphoma. So far it is helping her kidney disease & keeping her from being hospitalized. Since the vet charges almost double for a small amount I searched for the best price & found it here at Entirely Pets. Besides being a good value, the site is easy to navigate & the product arrives promptly."
-Katy from PA

"EntirelyPets has the best price for Epakitin. At my veterinarian's, 15 grams sells for about $50. Also, the manufacturer themselves recommended EntirelyPets. If you have a dog (or cat) with crf, you already know that the cost of caring for your pet can get ridiculously expensive. Finding deals like this takes a little bit of the sting out."
-rafboy from CA

"With it's amazing results- it's no wonder why Epakitin has overwhelmingly positive reviews. Currently, over 99% of people recommend Epakitin and approximately 90% of its
100+ ratings giving it a perfect 5-star review."
Epakitin Powder Reviews