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EquiLite Sore No-More Performance

Sore No-More® Performance Gelotion is an herbal based liniment blend, with a thicker consistency. You will not lose a drop when applying to those areas where gravity wins, limiting waste and making it the perfect choice for hard to reach application. Apply to areas such as the poll, neck and back to help loosen muscles before a workout, preventing risk of injury. Great to use on horses that are working back into a regime after an injury, to curb re occurrence of the injury or new injuries from developing.

The thicker consistency will not hinder the use of being used under boots, wraps, tack, blankets and with therapeutics. Made with natural ingredients and containing no oils or harsh additives, it is highly absorbable and will not cause friction or heat when applied under equipment. Containing no lobelia or other ingredients that are on many drug regulation lists, this Gelotion is an exceptional liniment to use before and after competitions to energize fatigued muscles while prohibiting inflammation.

  • A thicker consistency makes the Performance Gelotion ideal for those areas where regular liquid liniment would run off, leading to less product waste and making it a cost effect option.
  • Cruelty free and made with 100% all natural ingredients, making it a safe option to use on delicate skinned horses.
  • A low mess contact medium for topical ultrasounds as compared to traditional mediums, as it is absorbable and can be left on after the ultrasound.
  • With its master blend of all-natural ingredients, no abrasives or oils, it is highly absorbable and directly targets muscle pain, making it an excellent topical to use under tack before a workout.