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EquiLogic Wound Healing (6 oz)
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EquiLogic Wound Healing (6 oz)

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The EquiLogic wound healing system is a new way to improve horse wound closure rates and aid in decreased skin scarring. By using gel pads and collagen gel, this wound management system quickly and effectly cares for your horse's wound; helping it heal quickly and thoroughly.
  • 2 glycerin gel pads to contour to the wound and the body of your horse
  • A packet of dust to fill the wound area and extract fluid, keeping the wound area clean A tube of collagen mixed with hyaluronic acid to form a soothing foundation for the glycerin gel pad

  • * Comes with 2 (4"x4") gel pads 3g of drying powder 1 oz tube of collagen

Useful Information

  • Clean and irrigate the wound site.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Remove cap and Apply EquiStim HA Gel sparingly to wound.
  • Remove the EquiGel Pads from package and remove clear plastic cover from dressing, DO NOT remove the white stretch backing material. Cover the wound by placing the gel side of the dressing directly on the wound. The dressing may be cut to the proper size using scissors. Leave clear plastic film on gel pad while cutting.
  • If water-proofing is necessary, cover with a film dressing.
  • Secure the dressing with tape, elastic wrap, gauze wrap or stretch netting, etc.
  • The dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days. The wound should be checked as needed, simply lift the dressing and inspect the site. EquiStim HA Gel may be applied if needed. The dressing can then be re-applied.
  • When the dressing has absorbed large amounts of exudate (drainage), or has been in place for 7 days, discard the dressing and replace it with a fresh one.
  • Always dispose of used dressings. Do not re-use.

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