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EquioPathics Hoof Enhancer

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EquioPathics Hoof Enhancer accelerates growth that repairs damaged hooves in cattle, horses, donkeys, goats, and sheep. Hooves can become damaged due to eczema, hardening, greasy heel, or injury and can be extremely painful. It's therefore important that you provide proper care for an animal's hooves by treating those that become dry or cracked.

EquioPathics Hoof Enhancer works to treat dry hooves, cracked hooves, and weak white hooves. This bottle comes with 120 mL of the treatment and a dropper that makes it easy to administer the treatment. This treatment is essential for proper hoof care, so order now!

Key Features:Homeopathic treatment for cracked, dry, or weak white hooves
  • Treats horses, donkeys, cattle, goats, and sheep
  • Comes with 120 mL and dropper
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