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EquioPathics Anxiety & Stress

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EquioPathics Pre-Performance Stress is a calming solution that works to relieve anxiety in horses, donkeys, cattle, goats, and sheep. This unique formula is perfect for calming animals before a show, as it calms without depriving them of energy; it's also ideal for any situation in which an animal is whining, in hysterics, or behaving in an otherwise a nervous manner.

EquioPathics Pre-Performance Stress is a must-have for show animals or those that suffer from separation anxiety. This bottle comes with 120 mL of the treatment- which is perfect for dealing with stress before an important performance; however, for animals that are anxious but are not performing- there's also a formula from HomeoPet made specifically for travel anxiety. Stress can ruin your animal's day- so order a bottle of this homeopathic treatment today!

Key Features:
  • Relieves anxiety in nervous horses, donkeys, cattle, goats, and sheep
  • Use to treat animals exhibiting nervous behavior, hysteria, or whining
  • 120 mL of fluid and dropper included
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