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Ethical Pet Plush Songbird Cat Toy with Catnip (1 ct) - Assorted Colors

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Ethical Pet Plush Songbird Cat Toy with Catnip. Allowing cats to indulge their natural instincts to hunt and prey from the safety of inside your home, this toy is designed to look and sound like the real thing. It chirps just like an actual bird when batted and pounced, with an electronic module that will get him into the game! The feathery and colorful design is sure to attract his eye, and it even comes with real catnip to appeal to all of his senses. It's the perfect way to encourage exercise and healthy behavior, as well as bonding with your cat.

Key Features:

  • Features an electronic sound module that makes a realistic chirping bird sound when batted.
  • Encourages physical activity to keep your cat fit and happy.
  • Provides mental stimulation and awakens the natural hunting instinct to combat boredom.
  • Relieves anxiety and stress and redirects destructive behaviors away from your shoes and curtains!

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