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Farnam Laser Sheen Dazzling Shine and Detangler Concentrate, 12oz

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Hair polish and detangler from Farnam is a high-tech silicone formula that gives your horse the perfect show-ring shine. Cuts grooming and drying time; stains brush right out. Keeps coats glossy, and manes and tails tangle free for up to a week. Non-irritating formula repels dust and dirt; prevents stains from grass, urine, manure and latigo. Won’t dry or damage hair and minimizes breakage. Never oily or sticky.

  • Equine grooming product
  • Concentrated polish
  • Detangles and adds shine

Useful Information

Apply Laser Sheen to the coat, mane and tail. Spray fine mist over entire horse until coat, mane and tail are damp. Then hand stroke in direction of hair. Allow to dry before additional brushing, toweling and hand rubbing.


  • Shake well.
  • Dilution rates are as follows:

ONE QUART: 3 ounces concentrate to 29 ounces water.

ONE-HALF GALLON: 6 ounces concentrate to 58 ounces water.


For desired results, mix exactly according to label dilution rates. Too much Laser Sheen Concentrate may produce a sticky or gummy film. Too little will produce a watery Product that will not give your horse that beautiful Laser Sheen gloss. Ready-to-use Laser Sheen may be made in large quantities, stored in a closed container, then shaken and poured into a bottle with sprayer.

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