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Feliway Reviews

Feliway offers sprays, diffusers and wipes that utilize synthetic cat facial pheromones to keep your pet calm in stressful environments. Cats can be stressed out by a new environment, loud noises, or a number of factors that may be outside of your control. This stress can cause cats to act out aggressively or hide away from interaction. Feliway is clinically proven to calm cats by transmitting a chemical signal that lets cats know a territory safe.

If youíre looking for a way to calm your cat then Feliway is likely your best bet. In addition to its proven efficacy and the 94% of veterinarians that recommend it, some particularly cautious customers may want further information about how well the product works and whether or not it is difficult to use. Well, for those who are still dubious when it comes to using Feliway, EntirelyPets has compiled a list of reviews from Feliway users to help you reach you decide if Feliway is the right product for your cat.

Sweepea No#2 from Arlington, Virginia assures us that Feliwayís calming effect can be a remedy for cats that arenít comfortable with their litter box.

"I have used this product for about 2-3 weeks. My cat had one #2 accident early on in the first few days of using the diffuser. But the directions said it could take a month. Since that accident, I couldn't be happier. She has not had another accident and our relationship has improved."

Though Sweepea No#2ís experience shows promising results, one might think that their catís condition is too difficult for Feliway to resolve. However, Catladypx, confirms that even for cats with severe anxiety can benefit from its soothing effects.

"I've been using Feliway for years because one of our 4 cats has anxiety issues--he gets bladder problems, bald spots from excessive licking, and obsesses with what's going on outside. (He's an indoor cat). When we use the diffuser, his symptoms lessen by at least 75%. When it runs out, we can tell immediately. While it's not a 100% cure for what ails his worried mind, we chose that rather than psychoactive drugs that have ugly side effects. Feliway seems to keep our problem boy as happy as he can get. Entirely Pets has the best price I've found for it, which is nice because we run 3 diffusers at a time."

While Catladypx states that Feliway works for one cat in her multiple-pet domicile, itís hard to believe that it significantly changed the atmosphere for all of her cats. But Katrinkamay from Lewistown, Pennsylvania assures us that Feliway works well for any number of cats.

"This is the best product ever. It was recommended by a veterinarian for a problem I was having with my cats. They had been exposed to an outsider cat, which made my female cat growl, hiss and spit at her brother. They had never done this before and it became an awful situation trying to keep them separated. After a week of using Feliway, they were calmer and able to be back together again. The cats love Feliway and they will stand by the plug in and let it blow over them. I recommend this to anyone having a problem with their cats behavior."

And though Catladypxís review is certainly glowing- thereís no better testimony to the efficacy of Feliway than mommypussís heart touching tale of how it turned around her relationship with her rescue cat.

"I recently adopted a 5 year old female cat who was severely beaten to the point where her eye was poked out. She is terrified of everyone. She would hide under the bed and was in a constant state of panic. Well out of desperation I tried the Feliway Electric diffuser. About 10 days after I plugged it in she was actually sleeping on top of the bed! I have been using this product for about 5 weeks and the cat is no longer terrified. She actually greets me in the hallway as I come upstairs to the bedrooms. Her tail is up and she meows at me. Sara has also started to play with her toys. She is no longer afraid of me and I am quite certain that within a few months she will allow me to pick her up. I am so grateful for this product and so is my cat. I know that a cat with this background has little or no chance at a normal happy life, but now I know that my cat is very happy and continues to improve. Thank you so much."

"Feliway comes in diffusers for multiple-cat households and wipes and sprays that focus on one area. If youíre still a bit skeptical- try a free sample of Feliway Wipes by adding one to your next order! So what are you waiting for? Try Feliway products today!