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  4. Felix (8/24/09)

Felix (8/24/09)

Name: Felix
Breed: Havanese
Submitted by: Gina P.
Location: Carrollton, TX

This is Felix the pure bred Havanese. He loves to eat Solid Gold’s Wee Bits and loves the Dogswell Liver and Duck Treats.  His favorite supplement from Entirely Pets is a daily 3V Cap daily to maintain his skin health and keep Hot Spots away. Felix loves to play with any soft, squeaky toy, but his soccer ball is the overall favorite.

Felix loves to run after birds and squirrels and bark at the FedEx/UPS man when his shipments arrive from Entirely Pets.  He also loves to tear paper and begs for envelopes to rip when mail is opened each day.  He also loves going for a ride in the car and will go anytime, every time.
Dislikes includes thunderstorms, going to the vet, or baths, but loves to get his hair brushed.  Oh and he is keeping his hair short because it’s so darn hot here this summer!

One of his most favorite things to do is to play a trick on Dad, “Alpha Dog”, every day.  He will get in Dad’s spot on the couch or in bed and get comfortable, just so Dad will have to say, “Felix, get out of my spot.”  He will reluctantly get up, moaning all the way, then turn around and “laugh” at how funny that was to him.  It’s truly amazing to see Felix “crack” himself up at his own jokes. Felix is the most amazing dog I have ever had and truly doesn’t think he’s a dog.

Dogswell Duck Treats 3V Caps Shed Pro


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