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Finding Dory: The Movie

If you loved the story of Nemo, in Disney’s original underwater adventure, Finding Dory should definitely be on your next to watch list! We all remember Dory, the adorable yet forgetful blue fish, who swam so happily into our hearts in Finding Nemo. Well now she is back, with a new adventure to call her own.

The film will be out in theatres June 16, 2016! Aside from some familiar faces, like Nemo, Marlin and Dory - the movie will also introduce new characters. Bailey, the Beluga whale has a knack for bringing out the dramatic side of everything, adding a sense of humor to this new animation. Hank, the Octopus - lost his sense of humor along with a tentacle, but proves to be just as capable as his eight tentacled friends. Dory also befriends a whale named Destiny, who helps her along her adventure. If you are looking for a fun, summertime film to see in theatres, Finding Dory is it!