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Fiproguard is a topical flea and tick medication that provides efficient protection for your cats and dogs! If you are looking for fast and affordable relief, then Fiproguard is the treatment for you. It begins working within 12 hours of application to kill all adult fleas, ticks and chewing lice that are feasting on your precious pet.

How does it work? The medication will migrate through your petís oil glands once applied to the skin, eventually making its way into the hair follicles and poison the pests on contact no matter how well theyíre hiding. You can probably guess the prime ingredient of this efficient medication from its name. Fiproguard contains fipronil! Fipronil is an insecticide that attacks the insectsí central nervous systems to kill them for good. Donít worry about its toxicity. Fipronil is only harmful to insects with the necessary dosage as it bonds more strongly to insect nerve receptors. This substance binds very poorly to the nerve receptors in mammals so you and your pet are both safe along with any other mammals who may be exposed during treatment. The growing popularity of this insecticide in pet flea and tick products is due to its efficiency and safety for use in mammals!

Not only will you be protecting your pet from being a food source from hungry biting bugs, but they will be thanking you for preventing transmitted diseases. Ticks often cause Lyme disease while mites cause sarcoptic mange. Save your pet the discomfort as well as a trip to the vet and take preventative measures early on!

Fiproguard remains effective on your pet to prevent infestations for up to 1 month. Remember that prevention is the key when it comes to these pests! Itís easy to remember a monthly application, but much more difficult to get rid of a flea infestation once they creep up on you.