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Flexi Classic All-Belt Retractable BELT Leash for Dogs up to 44 lbs. (16 ft.)

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Flexi Classic is one of the original retractable cord dog leashes with the smooth and long lasting Flexi retracting mechanism. It extends up to 16 feet and is for small dogs up to 44 lbs.

1. Extend your arm forward and press the brake button with your thumb to prevent the dog from further extending the leash cord.
2. With the brake button depressed, step towards your dog and at the same time bring your arm to your side.
3. Release the brake button and swing your arm towards the dog so that the leash cord can retract into the leash housing. Press the brake button again to prevent the leash cord from extending further. Repeat this procedure as often as needed.

Warning: To avoid potential eye and face injury and cutting, burning and amputation injuries to your body from the leash cord and hook, all users must read and follow the enclosed Warnings and Directions for Use pamphlet before using the Flexi Dog Leash. For use by responsible adults only. NEVER use the leash near or around infants and children.

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