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Food Toppers & Mixers for Dogs & Cats

As cliché as it is, variety is indeed the spice of life. While humans eat all sorts of different foods with a variety of flavors and textures, our pets typically get the same basic foods every day. Shake things up a little with food toppers and mixers from EntirelyPets! A little taste of something different can wake up a disinterested palate and sneak in an extra dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Food toppings come in several forms. Flakes that look a bit like a favorite human food, Parmesan cheese, add a tantalizing flavor to food that your dog may otherwise be reluctant to eat. Powdery sprinkles, too, act as literal kibble seasoning while slipping in extra nutrition. Dehydrated whole food sprinkles like liver, spinach, duck and yak milk complement any diet, especially those that are already grain-free.

Freeze-dried and frozen food clusters are also a big hit. For the raw, whole food eaters, they're a great supplement to make sure your pet is getting all his vitamins and minerals. Freeze-dried products can easily be stored on the shelf, while frozen mixers are ready to serve from the freezer right to the bowl. The clusters can be used as a treat, too! They're just that little bit of crunch that your pet needs to keep his diet interesting.

Food toppers can serve a greater purpose than just punching up flavors. Some animals on special diets may see benefits. It entices eating in pets switching from their "regular" food to a therapeutic diet. And in fact, even "punching up flavor" is important. Geriatric, low-sodium and low-protein diets can be incredibly bland and dull to your pet. They won't get the health benefits they need if they refuse to eat. As always, check with your veterinarian before any major changes to your pet's diet.