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Four Paws Brushes

The Four Paws® Magic Coat® Gentle Slicker Wire Brush for Cats is an ideal grooming tool for all cats and kittens. This brush features thin pins that easily comb through your cat's coat. The brush also features an ergonomic handle with a comfortable thumb pad to ensure that the brush is easy to use and can be used for extended grooming sessions.

Four Paws Magic Coat Gentle Slicker Wire Brush for Cats stimulates the skin to promote healthy circulation and increase shine. This slicker brush is appropriate for all coat types and is great for removing dead hair to decrease shedding and hairballs. Proper grooming is essential to your cat's health- so don't delay, order this gentle slicker brush today!

Key Features:
  • Ideal for all types of coats
  • Reduces shedding, restores sheen, and stimulates skin to promote healthy circulation
  • Ergonomic handle provides comfort while in use