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Fritz 8/7/14

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Cat
Location:Las Vegas, NV
OwnerRosalyn Kaplan
I adopted Fritz from the Humane Society of Greater Kansas on 8/11/08. They assigned a birthday of 5/1/08. He was still in a cage in one of the larger cat rooms as a precursor to becoming part of the group. When we got home, Fritz had to learn how to BE a cat. Hes part Ragdoll, lays on his back with front legs splayed out over his head. He wont move a muscle for you to pick him up so I have to scoop him up from underneath. He does love to play with a feather toy and even jumps to catch it! Fritz is one of the inspirations behind Cat Lovers Only You can find Fritz on Facebook or on Twitter @Catloversonly

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